PHP代写 | CPS 3500 Programming WWW Assignment 4


CPS 3500 Programming WWW Assignment 4

The purpose of this assignment is to create a server-side website (client and server application). This shall be a
commercial application that utilizes the programming techniques that you learned in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and
Learning Outcomes
This assignment contributes to the following Course Learning Requirements (CLRs):

▪ Apply fundamentals of HTML for creating server-side web applications
▪ Apply JavaScript to define behaviors in webpages.
▪ Use the external cascade styles sheet to specify styles for webpages.
▪ Use PHP to create and interact with database to perform commercial transactions.
The Website Design
The design of a server-side web application should address the following features.
1- Graphical user Interface design: This design feature should include the followings:
▪ Website Logo: This might be an image that represents the type of the concerned business.
▪ Website name: this could be a text attached to the logo that represent the name of the
concerned business.
▪ Menu items: Menu items represent different buttons that facilitates the navigation of different
pages on the website.
2- Styles: it represents the styling of the website which are defined in the Cascade Style Sheet (CSS)
which include:
▪ Text size and color
▪ Margins and padding for text, tables, frames.
▪ Pages background color
▪ Boarders of pages or tables thickness, colors, and visibility
3- Database Design: the design of the database tables should conform to the referential integrity
constraints. These constraints are important for inserting, deleting, or updating database tables.
4- Programming Language: You should be aware of the features offered by each language that you will
use to build the website. For instance, the capability of PHP is different than the capability of
HTML. Even within the same language, you should utilize the functionalities offered by the
language instead of writing your code from scratch.

Submission Instructions
By the deadline (see Blackboard assignment), submit your assignment on Blackboard.
Assignment requirements
You are required to create interactive website that allows the user to perform several functionalities on the
client side. The website should contain the following components:
1. A website title, the title should be defined in the html <title> tag.
2. A website logo, this can be a .JPEG image Placed on the top part of the website.
3. Menu bar, the menu bar should contain interactive buttons (hyperlinks) to other pages. You should have a
Home button that returns the user always to the main home page.
4. JavaScript functions. You need to include some JavaScript code for different situations such as alerting users
when filling wrong values or missing form fields, performing some calculations when necessary, or
displaying fields values.
5. External cascade style sheet (CSS). You should include a CSS in which you define the different styles for
your website. For instance, the CSS should include styles for text font, color, type, Webpage background,
input fields padding, margins, etc.
6. Links to media elements. Your website should have at lease 2 links (hyperlink) to a video, image, or sound

7. Create a database to store information about products and customer. The database tables should be designed
according to the database referential integrity rules for insert, update, and delete.
8. Create a connection a successful to the database which allows you to store and retrieve information from the
9. Create a session. A session is a global variable that store user activities over multiple pages.
10. Create a shopping cart. The shopping cart should allow the user to perform the following
• View the store items. For each item, at least item name, code, price quantity and total price,
and total quantity should be displayed. (note displaying items can be done in different ways.
For instance, individually, or base on items category, then select individual items)
• Allow to apply an item discount (optional)
• Add certain item(s) to the shopping cart.
• Remove a selected item from the cart.
• Empty the whole shopping cart.
• Search for a certain item in the store
• An easy-to-use checkout. This can be done in two steps, first filling the shopping cart with
the purchased items, then fill the payment information and check it for correctness.



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