PHP代写 | Create a prototype shop website


Assignment Brief:

Produce a zip file which should zip up a single directory in which are 3 php files and other necessary files (e.g. images) together with a .sql backup of the database used.  The site should be hosted on jose.  A 1 minute video should also be uploaded to Office365 before the deadline.  In the event that there are problems in viewing the site on jose, you can receive a lesser mark from the video.  If there is no video – then your mark will be very low.  The tutors will only mark from the Jose site or the video.


1.      Site ambition page (homepage.php) a page stating what your ambitions for the final site (the fully implemented site to be delivered in assignment 2) should be.  Max 500 words – can also have images.

2.      Site landing page (index.php)  should contain a listing of products.  This should have at least 6 products with thumbnail images and title and price for each product. Each product should link to detail.php

3.      Detailed Product Description (detail.php) Displaying a larger picture, longer descriptive text, and cost.  All information in the site about products/images/descriptions should come from a database, not from hard coded text.

4.      The URL of the website hosted on Jose webserver

5.      You should also produce a 1 minute video of your site.  This should be done using screen capture software (should not be the filming of a computer screen from a mobile phone)



Create a prototype shop website using a php supporting webserver to ultimately be hosted on the University’s Jose web server
You can choose to develop any site theme you like, so long as it represents products which can be sold to customers. For example, a site to sell books/clothes/games/etc.

Your prototype site needs to contain at least the following 3 webpages (.php, not .html, file extensions):


1)     Homepage (homepage.php)

o   Given this is a prototype, we are looking for your plans as to the site’s vision. For this purpose, your homepage should include the name of your site and its mission and a plan for the full site which should include a product catalog, a product detail page, a shopping cart, and a check out page.  Wireframes of these pages should appear.  You should give some thought to things like: searching/filtering/ranking and potentially also registration and login.


2)     Product List (index.php)

o   Display at least 6 products for your site. Ensure each product is displayed with the product name, small image of the product, and price. No other details of the product are needed on this page. Both the name of each product, and the product’s image, should be clickable to the detailed product description (page 3 below).

o   N.B. All product details (name, image, and price) need to be stored in the MySQL database (accessible via phpMyAdmin). You must NOT hardcode your products via simple text or <p> tags/etc. Instead, you need to use PHP code to “echo” the products from the backend database onto your frontend shop site interface.


3)     Detailed Product Description (detail.php)

o   This page should contain further details of the product that the user clicked on from the product list page (and only the product that was clicked). Display the name of the product, price, a larger image of the product, and other descriptive details which are site-specific. For example, a site selling books might include the book’s genre, publisher and synopsis/blurb on the detailed page. Whereas, a site selling shoes might display the style, colour(s), size(s), etc.

o   N.B. As per the product list, all product details (name, image, price, and other description field(s)) in the detailed product page need to be stored in the backend database and “echoed” to the frontend shop site.


You should also include a navigation bar menu containing links to the homepage and products list. This menu should be visible from all the above pages. In addition, whilst extensive design/layout is not expected at this stage of the prototype, some initial consideration to colour choices and layout should be attempted



·        Technical accuracy (30%) – includes correct pages submitted, images and links working correctly, navigation bar present on all pages. There should be no tutor intervention necessary for the products to appear on the frontend (stored in the backend).

·        Visual design and order (30%) – includes clear and consistent navigation bar, images on product listing the same size and well aligned, larger image and details on detailed description pages are consistently well laid out, and initial design considerations made, such as choice of colour.

·        Site ambition/vision (40%) – quality and clarity of description for the final site (moving beyond the prototype) aims, customer demographics, navigation options and filtering.


In the event your site does not work from Jose, it will be marked instead from your supplied video (which must have been submitted before the assignment deadline).  Those who do not supply a video will be marked on what is available – we will not enter into any discussions regarding changes that need to be made to get it to work.  In the event that any submission raises doubts as to its authenticity the student may be required to do a demo.  In the demo, if everything is ok, then the original mark given will stand – if the student is unable to answer questions -then the mark may be reduced according to the scale below.


Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:written




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