PHP代写 | CS5281 Internet Application Development


CS5281 Internet Application Development
Final Demonstration:
 Each group will be given 10 minutes for the final demonstration.
 Students have to design and lead the demonstration by himself / herself. (The
maker would not tell you what should be demonstrated). When the time is up
(10 mins), the marker will move to the next group. So let’s make
sure that you could demonstrate all the important features within the time
provided. (It is suggested that you write a checklist of what should be
demonstrated before the demo session).
 Late/Absence cases for demonstration will not be entertained.
 There’s no need for all members to show up, but please make sure that there’s
at least one member attending the demonstration. The overall mark will be
halved if the no group member shows up in the demo; (zero if no source code
submission is received).
 To ensure smooth demonstration (in case something went wrong with the lab
environment), you may also use your notebook computer for demonstration.
Appendix – Potential Project Topics from previous semesters
 Hotel booking system
o supporting features like: room searching, booking, history, cancellation
and admin pages (e.g. list all bookings today)
 Online food / pizza order and delivery system
o supporting features like menu, sub-total calculation, order & payment,
membership and admin pages (e.g. show the pending orders)
 Online quiz system
o supporting features like question/answer setting, student group control,
data import/export (CSV), statistics, history and quizzes in different
forms (MC with shuffling, short question…etc).
 Different online sales systems (books, T-shirt, shoes, flowers, antiques…etc.)
o supporting features like addition of new product (allows input of
information like prize, quantity, photo…etc), stock control, shopping &
shipment, history, user comments.
 Online photo album / file / music sharing
o supporting features like file/photo upload and delete, adding friends
and groups, access rights management, messaging, posting tweets and
admin pages (e.g. ban users)
 Other topics
o Restaurant reservation
o Online taxi booking
o Equipment booking system (within a company)
o Online booking of tennis court
o Car rental system
o Library book management system
o …etc.


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