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ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development)
1. Objectives
In this project, students are asked to:
„ build a web application which provide different functions for customer and tenant.
„ apply software development skills to develop a website which is user-friendly, interactive, robust
and easy to maintain.
„ apply the knowledge that you learned in this module to solve the tasks. (e.g. HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, PHP and simple SQL commands)
2. A simplified procedure to show how the web application will be used
There are two user roles for the Hong Kong Cube Shop Shopping System:
a. Customer can make orders and manage their orders.
b. Tenant can manage the goods and view the customersǯ orders.
ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development) – Group Project Requirements
3. Design for Customer (Interface Design: 15 marks; Function: 35 marks)
Done By
a. Register account into system
Managed to create a new customer account into the system with all necessary information
Required information during registration as below:
1. Customerǯs Email
2. Customerǯs First Name
3. Customerǯs Last Name
4. Phone Number
5. Password
* customerEmail should be created as Primary Key
b. Update customerǯs profile
Managed to view and update customerǯs information
C•omerǯ• information including:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Phone Number
4. Password
*customerEmail cannot be changed after the creation
c. Make the order
Managed to make order into the system with all necessary information
View goods information
– List of goods shown on site for customer to choose (show the goods when status is
The goods should include 2 stock statuses:
ͳǤ DzAvailabledz: Show only the available goods.
ʹǤ DzUnavailabledzǣ The goods have been discontinued or not available.
Required information for creating an order
1. Consignment Store ID & Shop ID:
– The ID of the pick-up shop that is selected by customer.
– Each order can only belong to one store
2. Goods Name & Quantity:
– Being able to order more than one good in the same order.
– Order quantity cannot be greater than the stock quantity in Goods table.
3. Deduct the quantity of goods after customer make an order.
*orderID should be generate automatically by the system as Primary Key
ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development) – Group Project Requirements
d. View order records
Managed to view the orders with necessary information
Required information for viewing the orders
1. Order ID
2. Shop Name
3. Shopǯs address
4. Order Date
5. Goods ID
6. Goods Name
7. Selling Price
8. Quantity
9. Status
10. Total Price
, etc.
The orders should include 3 statuses:
1. DzDeliver›dzǣ The parts are delivering to shop
2. DzAwaitingdzǣ Goods are ready for pick up
3. DzCompleteddzǣ The goods have been picked up from customer
e. Delete Account
Delete the user account including all the usersǯ order records from database
Required functions:
– Create a Dzdeleedz button to delete the user account including the usersǯ order records and
comments from the database.
ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development) – Group Project Requirements
4. Design for Tenant (Interface Design: 15 marks; Function: 35 marks)
Done By
a. Login to system
Managed to login into the system with all necessary information.
Required information during login
1. Tenant ID
2. Password
b. Add, view and edit goodsǯ information
Managed to create a page contain the list of goods
Required part information:
1. Goods Number
2. Goods Name
3. Stock Quantity
4. Stock Price
, etc.
* goodsNumber should be generate automatically by the system as Primary Key.
Required functions:
– Create a Dzedidz button to make change of stock quantity and stock price
– Tenant can add in new goods /remove the goods (change
the stock status from DzAvailabledz to DzUnavailabledzȌ
c. Generate report
Managed to view the order with necessary information.
Required information for report page
1. Order ID
2. Order Date
3. Customer ID
4. Customer Name
5. Shop address
6. goods Number
7. goods Name
8. Quantity
9. Order status
10. Selling price of each goods
11. Total Price
, etc.
Required Function:
– The report needs to be ordered by date in descending order.
d. Delete user order
Assume there is a wrong input in the Goods table of the field DzremainingStockdz from the tenantǤ And
the tenant does not have enough goods to sell to the customer. So that the order needs to be
Required functions:
– Delete the selected order record from database
ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development) – Group Project Requirements
5. Form your project group
Each student needs to form a project group, the maximum number of students in each group is 2.
Strongly recommend you to form a group to complete this project as you can benefit from sharing
skills/codes amongst your members, and you can learn to plan, coordinate, and integrate work done
by each member.
Study carefully the given ERD and table structures before you start the implementation.
6. Additional requirements of your project
a. Your web site should only use PHP as the server-side programming language (i.e. not ASP, ASP.NET,
JSP, servlet etc.), however, you may use JavaScript and CSS for specific purposes. The database server
used must be mySQL (version 5.0 or above).
b. In your PHP code, you must ensure to use the following parameter values for the following mySQL
database functions :
$conn = mysqli_connect($hostname, $username, $password, $database);
set to the values below in a PHP script which is shared by the web pages :
$hostname = “”;
$database = “projectDB”;
$username = “root”;
$password = “”;
7. Items to submit (Phase 1) (30% of total project marks)
Submit all UI design using CSS and HTML. Submission deadline will be announced by the
8. Items to submit (Phase 2) (70% of total project marks)
a. A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM which stores a softcopy of all files for the whole web site. All files must be
stored in non-compressed format (no .zip or .rar files please!)
b. provide a SQL script file CreateProjectDB.sql to let the lecturer to re-create the database and test
c. for the SQL script file CreateProjectDB.sql, it must contain CREATE TABLE commands to setup the
database tables in projectDB database. Include necessary INSERT statements to add additional
sample records you want to provide. The following is a sample SQL script :
drop database IF EXISTS projectDB;
create database projectDB character set utf8;
use projectDB;
drop table IF EXISTS Users;
Create table Users (
userName Varchar(30) NOT NULL,
userPswd Varchar(10),
Primary Key (userName)) ENGINE = InnoDB;
INSERT INTO Users (userName, userPswd) VALUES
(‘admin1’, ‘secret1’),
(‘admin2’, ‘secret2’);
d. a demonstration of your completed web site should be recorded by
a 30-day free-trial software Camtasia Studio 8
You should save different parts of your demonstration into different .mp4 files. In a Word document
named video_list.docx, briefly describe the main content of each demo video file you have created.
The video files will facilitate the lecturer to have in-depth evaluation of your web application. Here
are some online tutorials for Camtasia Studio 8 :
Getting Started: 1 – Record Full Screen :
Produce and Share an MP4 Video :
You must specify the InnoDB engine for a database table :
Full explanation of different mySQL database engines :
ITP4513 (Internet & Multimedia Applications Development) – Group Project Requirements
9. Assessment criteria of your project
a. The functions implemented can perform correctly in general and special situations
b. Enough detail of database records and extensive data validation
c. Techniques used to promote code reusability (e.g. share common PHP/JavaScript/CSS files amongst
different web pages) and standardize the user-interface of the web pages
d. Coding style (e.g. indentation, meaningful variable names, modularity by user-defined functions etc.)
and meaningful comment is added to program codes
e. Creativity to enhance implemented functions so that they become easy to use, more interactive to the
users or can handle some problems in real life situation
f. Screen design and overall quality of the integration of different functions in the web site
10. A guideline for web development
It is a step-by-step approach I suggested for inexperienced web developers to develop the web site
„ decide what information to be displayed and design a number of web pages in HTML code (not
PHP code at this stage) to display the information
„ think about the site structure by creating different sub-folders to store files of different purposes
(e.g. images folder to store image files, style folder to store CSS files, Connections folder to store
files which define the settings for database connection) and design the linkages between the
pages. You can easily view the site structure using DW8’s site map view
„ create HTML web pages (do not add JavaScript so soon) and design the layout with HTML codes
and CSS rules. It is a good practice to check your .html files can pass the XHTML validation after
completing a .html file
„ when using CSS, it is preferred to create external CSS files (stylesheets) which can be reused in
other web pages, so that other pages can have consistent formatting
„ use DW CS6’s template features which can help you to create a new page with a standard layout
and also it provides common editable regions for web pages created from the same template.
„ define frameset(s) and navigation bar or menu to link up different pages
„ add JavaScript code to produce more interactive behaviors (such as validate data in the form,
highlight a table row with different background color when the mouse moves over a table row). It
is preferred to use external JavaScript file which will be reused in other web pages
„ replace hyperlink text with image / button to beautify the links. Dreamweaver can help you to
create nice Flash buttons easily
„ finally, it comes to the hardest work, that is to convert some of the HTML codes into PHP codes in
order to generate dynamic contents from data extracted from database, cookie and PHP predefined arrays ($_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION, $_FILES, $_SERVER etc.)
11. Penalty for plagiarism
„ Each student needs to submit his/her own work. Plagiarism (抄襲) will be treated seriously.
„ All group projects that have been found involved wholly or partly in plagiarism (no matter these
projects are from the original authors or from the plagiarists) will score ZERO marks.
Furthermore, disciplinary action will be followed.
Late submission will receive ZERO marks


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