PHP代写 | KIT502 Assignment 2

本次美国代写主要为PHP Java网页的assignment

Dashboard for System Manager

Once the system manager logs in, she can see the dashboard with all information – the number of shared houses, the number of reviews, the number of new requests and a total number of requests, the number of pending on payment and completed payment, and the number of users (hosts, clients and total users).

  • House list: The system manager can see all the list of houses, edit the details of the house and delete the house.
  • Booking list: The system manager can see all the booking list with the details (accommodation, check in/out, payment status, booking status). The system manager can cancel the booking and view reasons if the booking is rejected. A manager also can contact the host and client.
  • Review list: A manager can see all the reviews and delete the review.
  • Inbox list: A manager can see all the message and check whether they have read the message or not.
  • User list: A manager can see all the users list and change their access level. The manager also can add new user and delete existing user.

Dashboard for Host

This page can only be accessed by a host. Once a host login to the system, he can see the dashboard which displays all the information – the number of house(s) he shared, the review rate he received, the number of reviews received, total request and the number of new requests.  The host also can perform the actions below:

  • Manage house: A host can share a new house, edit and delete existing house.

When a new house is added, the following information is required: house name, brief description of the house, address, city, price per night, maximum guest numbers, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, check in and out time, whether it is an entire house, whether it has a garage, smoking allowed, internet connection, pet friendly and the image of the house.

  • Manage request: A host can see the all the booking request received. He can decide whether he accepts or rejects the request. But the host should give a reason when he rejects the request.
  • Review list: A host can see the rates that he received from the clients and their reviews.
  • Inbox: A host can see all the message received from the client and can reply back to the corresponding client.

User Account Page

This page can only be accessed while a user is logged in. Here a user can view their account details including the name, email address, mobile, and postal address (and the ABN number for a host). This page will retrieve and update a user’s account details as required. A user can change his details in this section and also can change his password.



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