PHP代写 | WD 2020S1 Assignment-2


WD 2020S1 Assignment-2

Semester 1, 2020  
. Assignment requirement specifications:  
The aim of this assignment is to develop a better understanding of building web applications using  
simple Ajax techniques, and PHP and MySQL on the server. It assumes that you are able to work  
with MySQL and PHP on the server, as learned in the first part of this course, and that you can  
develop an Ajax client interface using HTML and JavaScript, as learned in the second part of this  
. Assignment Tasks  
The assignment is to develop simple web-based taxi booking system called CabsOnline.  
CabsOnline allows passengers to book taxi services from any of their internet connected  
computers or mobile phones. The techniques you are going to use include the Ajax techniques  
(JavaScript/HTML, XMLHttpRequest, CSS, and DOM), MySQL and PHP. For client-server  
communication, you must use XMLHttpRequest object.  
Two components (booking and admin) of such an online service that must be completed for this  
assignment are specified in the following two sub-sections. Other components such as querying  
service for drivers, monitoring services for customers, payment processing, detailed processing  
for assigning taxi are not required in this assignment but you are free to extend for your fun later.  
2.1 Booking page (booking.html)  
This component is used to allow a passenger to put in a taxi booking request in Auckland and  
surrounding areas. The inputs for such a request include customer name, contact phone, pick-up  
address (unit number if applicable, street number, street name, and suburb), destination suburb,  
and pick-up date/time. Some other details such as number of passengers, car type, building type  
etc. may not be required for this assignment. Once you get these inputs, you need to generate a  
unique booking reference number, booking date/time (i.e., the date/time the booking is made) and  
status with initial value “unassigned” for the request, add the request in a MySQL database on the  
server side. The specific functions of this component include  
) Design and create a MySQL table for storing information of all requests. For each request,  
you need to store the generated booking number, customer’s inputs, the generated  
booking date/time, and the generated status.  
) On the client side, design an HTML page (booking.html) and a client-side program to take  
inputs for a booking request, and pass them to server for processing (using XHR object).  
You need to validate these inputs before sending them to the server. All input items except
unit number must be provided. The pick-up date/time must be no earlier than current  
) On the server side, for each booking request, a server-side program is required to  
generate a unique booking reference number, booking date/time and a status with initial  
value “unassigned”, and add them together with customer’s inputs into the MySQL table. In  
addition, it is also required to return confirmation information to the client.  
) On the client side, upon receiving the returned information from the server, the client-side  
program needs to display the returned confirmation information “Thank you! Your booking  
reference number is <bookingRefNo>. You will be picked up in front of your provided  
address at <pickupTime> on <pickupDate>.” in a suitable area of the HTML page  
2.2 Admin page (admin.html)  
This component allows administrative people of CabsOnline to view those taxi booking requests  
that need to be assigned as soon as possible and to assign taxi for a particular booking request.  
Note authentication is not required though it is necessary in the real application. If you provide this  
function, you must provide the password and explain it in the readme document. The specific  
functions of this component include  
) Design an HTML page (admin.html) that takes two types of requests. The first is to search  
some booking requests and is realized by a single button to show pick-up requests. The  
second is to assign taxi for a particular booking request and is implemented by a text box  
allowing input for a specific booking reference number and followed by a button assign  
taxi. Once the button show pick-up requests is pressed, a client-side program issues a  
query request to the server; once the button assign taxi is pressed, a client program issues  
an assigning request to the server with an inputted booking reference number.  
) On the server side, a server-side program responds differently for different types of  
requests from the client. (a) For a request for showing pick-up requests, the server-side  
program executes a query on the MySQL database for finding those “unsigned” booking  
requests with a pick-up time within 2 hours from now only. For each found request, the  
booking reference number, customer name, contact phone, pick-up suburb, destination  
suburb, and pick-up date/time are required to return to the client. (b) For a request for  
assigning taxi, make an update to the MySQL database to change the status of the  
booking request that matches the given booking reference number from “unassigned” to  
assigned”, and return confirmation information to the client.  
) On the client side, for a request for showing pick-up requests, you display the returned  
information in a suitable area of the HTML page admin.html. (a) For a request for showing  
pick-up requests, you display each found request in a separate line. It is okay to display  
each line in plain text. However, you are encouraged to display all requests in a table. (b)  
For a request for assigning taxi, you display the confirmation information “The booking  
request <bookingRefNumber> has been properly assigned”.  
Submission Requirements  
You should ensure that all files used for the assignment sit in a directory calledassign2 (use this  
name exactly, it is case sensitive and no space between assign and 2) within your cmslamp14  
account. The directory should contain no sub-directories (i.e., all files are placed directly under the  
assign2” directory).  


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