Prolog代写 | Expert Systems Assignment代写

本次Prolog代写为Expert Systems的assignment作业程序代写,这个题是要求做一个家庭津贴是否可领取的咨询程序,先用一个编译好的 看不到源码的相同功能的程序,让学生对应写一个程序。

Expert Systems and Knowledge Systems

The assignment involves you writing a system to decide whether or not someone is eligible for the family allowance.

Initially you will not have the rules, you will not have any idea what the criteria are, and you will have no specifications. The way you write an expert system is talk to an expert. In the first instance your expert is $ai/prolex/svallow – you should try several examples and try to sketch out an AND/OR tree – feel free to use multiple sheets of A3 paper.

Note that an AND/OR tree may not be a strict tree – it is possible that there are subgoals(interim goals) that are useful in several places in the ‘tree’ – look out for them and define them as a separate strict tree, circling references to them from other trees.

An Expert System is a system that solves a problem the way an Expert does

Must have an expert – viz. a has-been (ex-) who is a drip under pressure (spurt)

A Knowledge System is a program that use symbolic knowledge not algorithms

It uses things like rules, frames, parameters, schemas, databases, networks

A Rule-based System uses rules to deduce and/or abduce from knowledge

Example rule: there is heavy cloud → it will rain

Forward reasoning (deduction from facts):
Given fact: there is heavy cloud
Deduce: it will rain
Backward chaining (abduction from facts):
Give fact: it is raining
Abduce: there must be heavy cloud
Rules do not imply causation: patient in cancer ward → patient has cancer cancer wards cause cancer? N.B. 100% in direction of arrow, less in reverse.

The assignment directly extends the lecture/tutorial example about the Family Allowance and a system to determine who is eligible. You are expected to come up with some systematic variants (example applicants) that explore the similar cases with different outcomes that seem most intriguing or challenging, as well as a set of individual examples, and give this both as a potted bio and a run through the system you develop. Systems should be built with simple rules, that ask people to make one decision at a time without any ifs or buts, but may ask questions early that make progress more natural, and ideally give conclusions of different kinds when there are riders (e.g. you won’t get paid till you get back, or subject to providing documentation to the satisfaction of the director general). Initially we do it as an Expert System, you have to ask the Expert (lecturer) questions to find out the rules. Later you will get some helpful documents (legislation) that will help you complete your system. An AND/OR tree representing your initial exploration of the question is to be handed in as a tutorial exercise on paper. The assignment is to develop a Prolex implementation of a system to determine if an applicant, tested on your examples is to be handed in with accompanying report.



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