Python代写|MATH7232 Assignment 2 – Integer Programming

这是一篇英国的python Gurobi运筹规划的python代写


This assignment is due by 3pm on Tuesday, May 3rd and is worth 25% of your final grade. You can do this assignment in group of up to three, with a single submission.

Your job with the Operations Research consulting company is going well. Your boss would like you to continue to work with Pacific Paradise to improve their vaccine distribution strategy and attempts to eradicate this virus. Communications to you from their team will be provided through Blackboard.

The first communication for this assignment will appear at 4pm on Monday, April 4th with the final communication appearing at 4pm on Tuesday, April 26th.

You will need to prepare a report for your boss and a presentation for the client:

Section A – Report to your boss, to include:

  • A general mathematical formulation for each of the two problems, including definitions of sets, data, variables, objective function and constraints. 7 marks
  • Two Python files with the problems modelled for Gurobi. This should be easy to relate back to the formulation. Your boss will attempt to execute these models.

5 marks

Section B – Report to the client, to include:

  • Written responses that clearly and concisely address the needs of the client given through the communications. 5 marks
  • A short video presentation (maximum 7 minutes) where you summarise your results and provide insights into the solution, such as identifying key constraints or explaining the effects on costs of additional constraints provided by the client.

8 marks

Submit your report and Python files via Blackboard, using PDF for the report (saved from Word or created in LaTeX). There will be a separate assignment upload for your video file.

Only one submission per group is necessary but make sure all names are clearly shown on your report. Each student will receive separate data from the client but a group need only consider one data set in the report.


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