本次加拿大作业案例分享是关于Python代写 ai的一个assignment

The assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate and solidify your knowledge on Bayes theorem and rule-based systems.

The assignment may be completed individually, or it may be completed in small groups of two or three students. The expectations will not depend on group size (i.e. same expectations for all group sizes).


The assignment should contain two components: an implementation and a technical document.


The implementation should provide a complete solution to the problem outlined below.

Technical Document

Your technical document should outline the algorithms you used and answer any questions posed below. After reading the technical document, the reader should understand exactly how your implementation works.

The technical document will be graded both on content and on presentation quality.

If the assignment was completed in a small group of students, the technical document must include a statement of contributions. This statement should identify: (1) whether each group member made significant contribution, (2) whether each group member made an approximately equal contribution, and (3) exactly which aspects of the assignment each group member contributed to.


Assignment due date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Assignments are to be submitted electronically through cuLearn. If you work in a small group, it is sufficient for one group member to submit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment is submitted properly. Copying of assignments is NOT allowed. Discussion of assignment work with others is acceptable but each individual or small group are expected to do the work themselves.


Programming language: Python 3

You may use any standard Python libraries. You may also use the NumPy, Pandas, and SciPy packages. Use of any additional packages requires approval of the instructor.

You must implement your code yourself. Do not copy-and-paste code from other sources, but you may use any pseudo-code we wrote in class as a basis for your implementation. Your implementation must follow the outlined specifications. Implementations which do not follow the specifications may receive a grade of zero. Please make sure your code is readable, as it will also be assessed for correctness. You do not need to prove correctness of your implementation.

You may be provided with a set of examples to test your implementation. Note that the provided examples do not necessarily represent a complete set of test cases. Your implementation may be evaluated on a different set of test cases.

Technical Document

Your technical document must answer all questions posed below. Ensure you answers are clear and concise.

Submit the technical document as a single PDF file.