Python代写 | CompSci 320 (2020 S2C) Assignment 3

CompSci 320 (2020 S2C) Assignment 3

Questions involving programming
• Java, Python, C, C++ or C# may be used (other languages may be available).
• Your answer to each question should be a single file (containing all nonstandard classes you use). You
can assume that input will come from standard input in a stream that represents one string per line, and
may include several input instances one after the other. Output should be sent to standard out. You may
assume that the markers have access to all standard libraries.
• A sample input and output file for each question will be available. The markers may check the output
with a text comparison program, so it must be in EXACTLY the right format. Pay attention to line
breaks and beware of nonstandard software such as anything made by Microsoft. For best results, use a
Linux/Unix environment (the automarker does).
• The automated feedback and submission system (“automarker”) is available. You must submit your
answer via this system. You may take account of the feedback given by the automarker, and resubmit
before the deadline without penalty. There is a limit of 10 submissions per person for each question. Of
course, you should thoroughly test your own code before submitting — the automarker is not a debugger.
You are allowed to share test input and output files with the class.
• Your program(s) may be tested on randomly generated input files, some of which may be very large.
Marks will be allocated for correctness and speed of the programs. Simply “passing” the largest input on
the automarker may not always guarantee maximum marks, because there may be hidden test cases, but
it will guarantee full marks for correctness. If full marks for correctness are not obtained, then the marks
for speed may automatically be set to zero. Thus it is very important to first ensure your algorithm and
implementation are correct, and then work on algorithmic efficiency in order to get maximum marks.


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