Python代写 | CP1401 / CP5639 SP21 2020 Assessment 2


CP1401 / CP5639 SP21 2020 Assessment 2 Implementing the Ultimate Ninja Combat Game

Short description:

You are required to implement the Ultimate Ninja Combat Game!!! (The exclamation points are important 😊 ). The player will be fighting against the computer, and the winner gets bragging rights.

The player will start the game with a balance of $100. The player will choose a move, and so will the computer, and the winner of that round will be announced followed by the updated balance (depending on whether the player won or lost and how much he or she bet). The player should not be able to bet more than they have in their balance.

The player will choose their move from a list of six possibilities, and the computer will randomly choose a move as well. Once the player has chosen their move the computer’s move will be revealed, and the winner declared. The possible moves are:

  1. Punch of Fury
  2. Kick of Punishment
  3. Sword of Justice
  4. Shuriken of Vengeance
  5. Nunchucks of Anger
  6. Knife of Freedom



The chart below shows how each move performs against the others.


Computer’s Move
Punch of Fury Kick ofPunishme nt Sword of Justice Shuriken of Vengeance Nunchucks of Anger Knife of Freedom
Player’s Move Punch ofFury TieNo Winner PlayerLoses PlayerLoses Player Wins Player Wins PlayerLoses
Kick ofPunishme nt Player Wins TieNo Winner Player Loses Player Loses Player Wins Player Loses
Sword ofJustice PlayerWins PlayerWins TieNo Winner Player Loses Player Loses Player Wins
Shuriken ofVengeance Player Loses Player Wins Player Wins TieNo Winner Player Loses Player Wins
Nunchucks of Anger PlayerLoses PlayerLoses PlayerWins Player Wins TieNo Winner PlayerLoses
Knife ofFreedom PlayerWins PlayerWins PlayerLoses Player Loses Player Wins TieNo Winner


Once the player chooses their move, your game will check the computers move and see who wins.

You are welcome to choose other names for the attacks as long as they make sense. For instance, you may have “Knife of Assessment” rather than “Knife of Freedom”.

At the end of the round the winner is declared and the updated current balance is displayed.

The menu will then be presented again, allowing the player to get Information, Play or Quit. The player will be forced to quit if the player balance reaches $0.

When the game quits, the game should display “Goodbye [player name]. Your final balance is $ [player’s final balance]. The game will then display the player’s balance history (their balance at the end of each round).

See the next section for detailed instructions regarding the game functionality.



Detailed Instructions:

  1. Ask the player’s name and welcome them to the game using their name. The player’s beginning balance of $100 should be


  1. Show game menu


(I) nstructions (P)lay game (Q)uit game


ALL other choices will produce an error. The menu will be displayed after every menu choice, except (Q).


If the player chooses ‘I’ display the following instructions: 

Choose wisely.


  1. If the player chooses ‘P’ from the menu display the player’s total and then ask the player how much they want to bet. Inform the player that the bet amount must be in multiples of 5. The player should not be able to bet more than their current


  1. Next, ask the player to choose an


(1)  Punch of Fury

  • Kick of Punishment
  • Sword of Justice
  • Shuriken of Vengeance
  • Nunchucks of Anger
  • Knife of


  1. Once the player has entered a number the game should display the message “You chose: ” and their move. Make sure you use the name of the move not just the number they entered. If they entered anything other than a number between 1 and 6 then display an error message and ask the user for their move until they enter a valid value.


  1. Display the message “The computer chose: ” and the computer’s


  1. Display the result of the combat, showing that either the computer or the player


  1. Display the game menu again. The game menu will keep being displayed until the player chooses


  1. If the player chooses “P” but has a $0 balance, the game will


  1. If the player chooses ‘Q’ from the menu then display the quit message “Goodbye! [player name]. Your final balance is [player balance]”.


  1. On a new line display the balance history:


“Your balance history is:

Starting Balance: $100 After round 1: $55 After round 2: $75


After every menu option other than ‘Q’ the program will return to the menu.


  1. If the user enters anything other than the options above, then display an error message.





Python file:

You are to divide your solution into functions, following the principles shown in class. These may involve one for each menu option (other than Quit) as well as functions for parts of the program (e.g. calculating the current player balance could be implemented as a function).


You may show your assignment to your tutor during practical time to get comments or suggestions. It is important to note that you can only get help from staff in practical time after your prac work is finished.









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