Python代写 | CS 2704 – Final Project


CS 2704 – Final Project
1 Schedule
• Scheule
– June 24 (Wed): Proposal
– June 29 (Mon): Final presentation
– July 6 (Mon): Final report
2 Requirements
• Minimum requirement (70%)
– Explain your hypothesis
– Choose an interesting data source
– Visualize the dataset
– Analyze the dataset
– Submit the code
• Intermediate requirements (20%)
– Publish the visualization on the web
– Submit the code
• Advanced requirement (10%)
– Take a survey inspired by your research (e.g., How many people do you personally know
who had contracted covid-19)
– Submit the code and the collected data
3 An example of the hypothesis and the data sets
• Hypothesis: The fatality rate of covid-19 has a correlation with GDP per capita.
• Dataset:
• Visualize the dataset
– Scatter plot of GDP vs. Fatality rate
• Analysis: The p-value is smaller than 0.05, therefore, the two variables are correlated.
• The following web pages are supposed to be free data sources. Note: Some pages may contain
broken links or possible phishing site. Bad guys seem to exploit the popularity of data analytics.
Though I reviewed the following links, I might have missed something. Please inform me when
you find something suspicious within the following.



Veröffentlichende Stellen (Daten)

4 Materials for your proposal
• Slides explaining your hypothesis
• URL or snippet of data
• Your guess to the expected output
5 Materials for your final presentation
• Slides
• Demonstration
– Explain the code
– Generate visualization
6 Sections for your final report
• Introduction and Background (≤ 200 words)
• The hypothesis (≤200 words)
• The analysis and the implication (≤300 words)
• Conclusion (≤200 words)
• References (as complete as possible)


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