Python代写 | CS 6035 – Prerequisites


CS 6035 – Prerequisites

1. Computer Organization and Architecture
a. Be able to describe what a stack, heap (high-level memory organization not data
structure), registers, virtual memory, and processes are.
b. Understanding of the stack’s role in program execution.
c. How memory is allocated both statically and dynamically.
d. Be able to follow basic assembly language as it applies to compiled code (C).
2. Programming
a. Experience in programming a high-level programming language. CS6035
projects specifically use C, Python 3.x, HTML/JS/PHP, and SQL in various
contexts. The ability to pick up programming languages on the fly will be positive
to learning outcomes.
b. Experience with algorithms, data structures, and basic time complexity
c. The majority of advanced debugging will involve the execution analysis of C
programs, with GNU DeBugger (GDB) used as a debugging platform. Knowing
how to use GDB to dump registers/stack memory, set breakpoints to follow the
execution path, and to analyze compiled assembly language will be very helpful.
d. The ability to translate pseudocode into applied, functioning code – even in a
programming language that you might not be familiar with and actively learning.
3. Mathematics
a. Understanding of discrete mathematics, number system foundations, and
modular math can be very helpful to learning outcomes.
4. Soft skills
a. Working knowledge of Virtualbox VMs and their intermediate management.
b. Basic understanding of how to use a Linux shell.
c. How to compile C programs, interpret Python code, use built-in browser tools to
analyze Web development interactions between integrated technologies (e.g.,
HTML and JS), and understanding basic SQL queries will be useful.
d. Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows registry, its function, how to change, and
consequences of such changes.


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