Python代写 | CSCD01 Assignment 2


CSCD01 Assignment 2

1 Introduction
• Submission deadline: Mar 7, 2021, 11:59pm on Github classroom. Deliverables described below.
• You have already accepted the github invitation on Assignment 0. All deliverables for this assignment
go under a folder named a2.
2 What you will do
For this deliverable, you will select at least two issues (bugs and/or features), complete the implementation
of them, and provide test cases suitable to demonstrate that the changes have been correctly implemented.
Note that it is possible, for this phase of the project, that a scikit-learn committer may be simultaneously
working on the same issue. If this happens, please resist the urge to look at the code they commit and
focus only on your team’s implementation. Also, keep in mind, the recommended level of difficulty for your
bugs/features is ”easy”.
This part of the project requires you to use your judgment about which change requests to select for implementation. There is no ”correct” choice: you will be given credit for selecting changes that can be
implemented correctly in the time available, and which are most likely to satisfy the users. Note that users
are more likely to value simple fixes that work reliably over more ambitions features that are incomplete.