Python代写 | ICTPRG528 – Perform ICT data conversion


ICTPRG528 – Perform ICT data conversion

Assessment Task 1: Project –
Perform data conversion
Planning the assessment
Students should have access to:
 Microsoft Excel
 Python installation
 Python IDE tool
 the internet
Time recommended for assessment: no more than 12 hours.
For this assessment task, the candidate must submit:
1. Data Conversion report
2. Data Conversion program
3. EMP System upload file (Excel file) with data
The project should be explained in the first session, students can progressively work
on it. There will be class time allocated in the last few sessions for students to
complete their assessments. If students need assistance, try using techniques like
asking leading questions to assist students to use their critical thinking skills to come
up with solutions.
Marking the assessment task
Please use the Assessor Checklist at the end of this document to mark
student’s work/performance.
Assessment description
Students may use the following scenario or the one given by the industry partner subject
to approval from assessor

Assessment Task 2: Written Questions
Performance objective
Students must attempt all questions and provide satisfactory answers to all questions to
be deemed Satisfactory.
Assessment description
You are required to answer the questions outlined on the written assessment / project.
The assessor will pass a copy of the following written assessment to each student. You
will be given 20 minutes to read the assessment and raise any questions before
commencing assessment.
• You will be given 3 hours to research and answer all of the following questions. Be
sure to write/print legibly and answer all the questions. Do not cheat during this
assessment. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be excluded and their
opportunity for assessment will be subject to the Policy 4 Plagiarism and Cheating
Policy and Procedure
• Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your assessor cannot
tell you the answer, he/she may be able to re-word the question for you.
• Reasonable adjustment: If you require any adjustments to accommodate a need in
order to complete this assessment, please talk to your assessor. Arrangements will
be put in place to ensure a fair and flexible approach is undertaken for this
• Please note that the range or nature of the adjustment will ensure that the outcomes
of the unit are not compromised.
• Re-assessment: If you do not achieve the required standard, you will be given the
opportunity to be re-assessed by the assessor. Arrangements will be made on an
individual basis.
• Return all required documents for the assessment as per the specifications below.


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