Python代写 | ISyE 6202 Supply Chain Facilities


ISyE 6202 Supply Chain Facilities

Task 1
Develop a Python based simulator that generates instances of dynamic demand across the five-year
horizon according to the information above, precise to the hourly level. A simulated instance has to
specify for each demand the desired deposit time and pickup time, and the minimal locker size
requirement. Provide documentation describing your simulator.
Task 2
Develop a dynamic locker assignment heuristic given a current demand and the actual availability state
of the locker bank, given a specified locker bank design.
Task 3
Extend your simulator capability to model a fixed configuration locker bank: requiring to embed in a
decision agent your dynamic locker assignment heuristic; to model demand acceptance and rejection;
to model sojourns in the lockers; to compute daily, annual, and global service level performance, locker
bank utilization performance, as well as revenue, cost, and profit performance; and to contrast such
performance over multiple simulation instances. The simulator should be able to display the layout of
the locker bank and its dynamic utilization through an instance if so desired. Provide documentation
describing your extension.
Task 4
Develop a heuristic to design a fixed-configuration locker bank in the context of this scientific mandate,
including the selection of locker sizes, then use it to generate five significantly distinct alternative
designs capable of achieving the desired service level. Justify the pertinence of your proposed heuristic.
Task 5
Assess the dynamic performance of the heuristically designed fixed-configuration locker banks using
your simulator.
Task 6
Heuristically propose a set of up to six locker tower modules that would jointly enable, according to
you, to dynamically adapt at the beginning of each four-week period the design of a modular tower
based locker bank so as to accommodate the expected forthcoming demand.
Task 7
Develop a heuristic to initially determine the size of the modular tower based locker bank slab
foundation upon which modular towers are to be dynamically secured during the planning horizon.
Demonstrate and justify the pertinence of your proposed heuristic.
Develop a heuristic that is to adjust on a rolling horizon the configuration of the modular tower based
locker bank by adding and/or removing lacker tower modules, to be applied at the beginning of each
4-week period. Demonstrate and justify the pertinence of your proposed heuristic.


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