Python代写 | Lab0 – Python Review


Lab0 – Python Review
Write a Python application that displays the Earths temperature as related to the Carbon
emissions. Display the yearly carbon emission and global annual temperature for the years
where the data overlaps.
* A class to handle the carbon emission data
* A class to handle the global annual temperature data
* Stores the Carbon Emission and Annual Temperature data
* Internally the database uses NamedTuples
* Reads and stores the data
* Uses data processing functions in the
* Outputs the processed data
* Design a set of classes/functions process the data
* Store the data in the DataBase for both the CO2 and Temperature data.
* Note: The + or – on the data indicate the temperature difference from the base average
between 1960 and 1990. The base average is not given. For example, +0.5 is the amount
above the average and -0.5 is the amount below the average.
Input Files:
Co2.html – Monthly CO2 carbon emissions from 1959 to 2018. Accumulate the average
monthly CO2 emission values into one yearly value.
Temperature.html – Annual global Temperatures from 1858 to 2018.



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