Python代写 | Pycharm wxPython代写程序 | User Interface Implementation




In this workshop you will:

  • Develop a simple UI in Python



In the lecture this week we looked at user interface implementation. For this weeks workshop, we will develop a simple interface for a guessing game.


Task 1 – Setup wxPython

  • Use Annaconda or pycharm to install the wxpython library

> conda install wxpython

Or do it using the Anaconda Navigator or PyCharm Package manager.

  • You will need to do this each time you restart the lab
  • Open up your IDE, and attempt to: import wx and run it.


Task 2 – Guessing game

  • Develop a simple GUI for a guessing
  • The game should begin when the program is run by generating a random number between 1 and 100. It should provide a text field for the user to enter a guess, a button to submit their guess, and display “higher” or “lower” somewhere on the interface after each guess, as well as the number of guesses they have
  • When the user correctly guesses the number, the program should display a message box congratulating them, and then terminate with self.Close(True)


Here is the marking guideline:

  • Create frame and panel. (1 mark)
  • Properly handle keyboard input (1 mark)
  • Properly implement the guess function (2 marks for 2810ICT students, 1 mark for 7810ICT students):
  • Pick a number as the guessing target. If the input number is smaller or larger than the target number, give prompt. If the target number is reached, congratulate the user. (1 mark)
  • Output the number of guesses in the interface (1 mark for 7810ICT students)



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