Python代写 | SENG265, FALL 2020 ASSIGNMENT 2


SENG265, FALL 2020

1 Assignment Overview
This assignment involves writing a program to solve the same problem as Assignments 1 except using Python 3. As a reminder, your programs will read lines of
text from a given file, compute the frequency of words of certain length from the
file and print these frequencies to standard output.
The overall goal of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with programming in

2 Implementation
The assignment involves writing a program to solve the same problem as Assignments 1 except using Python 3. It includes optional arguments to sort and print
the words of the same length, exactly as in Assignment 1.
3 Constraints
You may only use python3 modules that are installed using the Vagrantfile for your
VM Senjhalla. If a python3 module is not installed, you may not use that module
in your code.
4 Test Inputs
You should test all of your programs with a variety of test inputs, covering as
many different use cases as possible, not just the test input provided. You should
ensure that your programs handle error cases (such as files which do not exist)
appropriately and do not produce errors on valid inputs. Since thorough testing is
an integral part of the software engineering process, you will be provided test input.
Provided For You
There will a package available on Connex. Download and extract
to the a2 folder in your git repository. The folder will consist of: cases, test,, and src/ Do not move word from the
src directory.
Like with Assignment 1, do not modify the main() function description. It is required for the test framework to ”hook” into your solution.
For this assignment, you will be using the same test cases as from Assignment 1. You
are also provided a test framework to test your code. We will be using the python
unittest module to run tests of the code, in the same manner as in Assignment 1.
These test files are located in the test folder. There are three test files,, and, corresponding to the parts A,B,C from Assignment 1.
There will be no tests provided for argument handling but your solution is expected
to work as described in Section 2.


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