Python代写|QBUS6860 Individual Assignment 2



Q1 Continuous Authentication at the University of Sheffield  [70 Marks]

The University of Sheffield wishes to ensure that students sitting computer lab practical examinations really are who they say they are. It is proposed that user behaviours are monitored during the delivery of module practical sessions and the information used to form characteristic behavioural profiles. During subsequent practical exams user behaviours will be continuously monitored and compared against this reference characteristic profile. Thus, a continuous biometric authentication approach is proposed. At the start of a session, a student will access the system by supplying its user ID and password, together with confirming via the Duo system (i.e. using the standard 2FA approach). Restarting after closing a session will adopt the same approach.

Students are set two types of tasks during practicals and practical exams: programming tasks in Python and short report-writing on some identified topic of interest. Tasks are performed using the same software by all students. All interaction is via the keyboard and a mouse. Students will be using a common PC platform when carrying out tasks.

You are required to write a short report. In it you should:

  1. Outline a continuous biometric authentication system implementing the above. Provide a diagram indicating major components of the system and explain what they do. [10 Marks]
  2. Identify suitable behavioural features and why you believe they are suitable. [30 Marks]
  3. Recommend an ML classification technique that could form the basis of the authentication system. [5 Marks]
  4. Indicate whether you consider the use of the proposed approach to be ethically justified, and why (or why not). [10 Marks]
  5. Present a reasoned view as to whether continuous biometric authentication provides the most appropriate solution to the problem.  [10 Marks]
  6. Make good use of referenced materials in your answers to the above. [5 Marks]

Your report should not exceed 1000 Words (excluding references).


  1. Covert Channel [30 Marks]

You are required to design and implement a covert channel and use it to transmit the 20-bit message “10101001110110011010”  from one process to another. The communication should be between two terminal processes on a laptop or PC.

  1. Give a high-level overview explaining how your covert channel works. [10 Marks]
  2. Develop code to implement your channel and run it to communicate the indicated message. Report your results. [15 Marks]
  3. Explain how you would assess the maximum bandwidth of your covert channel. [5 Marks]

You should submit your answers in a short report with code (suitably annotated) included in that report.  Code may be in any major language – Python, Java, shellscript etc.

Your answer should not exceed 500 Words (excluding references and excluding code).


General Guidance

You should combine your answers to the above questions in a single report, with distinct sections for each question.

You should give reference details in an appendix to your report. The references do not count towards the maximum word counts specified for each question.

A COM6014 Blackboard discussion forum will be maintained specifically for this assignment. Queries on this assignment should be made via that forum.

Submission is online via MOLE.