Python Opencv代写|CSCI 3302: Introduction to Robotics FP1

本次美国代写是一个Python Opencv机器人程序相关的assignment

Part 1: Project Proposal

1. Create/Share a Google Doc ( that your entire team can edit.

2. Add each team member’s name and e-mail to the top of the document, along with the name of your project.

3. Add sections for:

a. Abstract
b. Equipment
c. Deliverables and Implementation Plan
d. Demo

4. Write a succinct (1 paragraph) abstract describing what you’re creating. This should be a high level
description that is readable by anyone with a general Computer Science or engineering background.

5. Create a list of deliverables, where each deliverable is a component of your final project. You are strongly
encouraged to subdivide deliverables into more actionable steps, such as:

a. [ ] Create Vision System – Lead: ____ Deadline: ____

i. [ ] Install OpenCV Python Package & Verify it works with simulated webcam
ii. [ ] Capture images of target objects and identify their color ranges
iii. [ ] Write color threshold algorithm to locate colored objects

b. [ ] Implement robot-side controller – Lead: ____ Deadline: ____

i. [ ] Create state machine with states for “Listen for command” and “Navigate to Pose”
ii. [ ] Verify that commands are being received over the robot’s Serial port

6. For each higher level deliverable, write an implementation plan detailing the steps necessary to go from
design document to implemented product.

Include a target completion date and a designated ‘lead developer’ on your team for each item.
It is often helpful to specify tests for each major deliverable, indicating that you have come up with a
way to determine if a particular component is working or not.

7. Write a short script detailing how you will demonstrate your final project once it is completed, in such a way
as to showcase its various components.

What makes for a good project proposal? Combine the components that you’ve learned about in class with some
novel sensors or scenarios to create an autonomous robotic system. The most important thing to consider is scope
and feasibility: ensure that you have graceful fallbacks in case some technical components don’t end up panning

Have ONE person submit a copy of your team’s project proposal to the “Final Project Proposal” assignment
on Canvas. Report any issues directly (and as early as possible!) to the professors/TAs via Piazza or E-mail,
particularly in cases where a teammate did not contribute or where consensus couldn’t be reached for teammate
roles/responsibilities so we can unblock you as efficiently as possible.