React APP代写 | CMP3035M Assessment 2

本次CS代写APP的主要内容是使用React Native开发APP程序

For this assessment, you will need to develop the mobile app you designed in Assessment 1 and report on the process of developing it.


The app needs to be developed with cross-platform tools presented in the lectures/workshops. It is important that the app goes beyond static pages but instead makes use of more advanced features of the device. Advanced features could include non-trivial inclusion of 3rd party APIs (e.g. weather, Google Places, Spotify, etc…) or appropriate use of phone hardware (such as sensors, accelerometer, camera, etc…).

Your submission for this assignment will be a written report and supplemental material.

Written report

In your written report, you should describe the development process of your app. Your report should consist of the three parts as outlined below. Each section has a recommended page count. As this includes images, make sure to choose meaningful illustrations and discuss these where appropriate. It is expected that your report will be around 3-5 pages long.

1) Overview and QR code. Describe at a fairly high level what the app is for and what its core features are, explaining any changes from the original app features as described in Assessment 1. Additionally, you must include QR- Code to run your app. This can be generated by publishing your app via the Expo-CLI interface. If you are not using React Native, then you must provide alternative means for us to download and test our app on our device. Please discuss this with the delivery team if you are unsure how to do that. 0.5 pages.

2) Final app. Showcase the final version of your app. This should include proof of deployment (through screenshots and a video of the app running). Choose two elements of your app to highlight your design and development. Discuss them from a user experience as well as technical perspective. How are they examples of good design? Why was a feature challenging to develop? How did you implement these elements? Do so by referring to appropriate academic and non-academic literature (e.g. about mobile user experience) as well as by providing code snippets with explanations. (2-4 pages)

3) Reflection. Discuss the following question: What effect did the cross-platform nature have on the development? Give specific examples based on your experience from this module to discuss positive and negative aspects of such an approach. (0.5 pages)

Supplemental Material

In support of your written report, you also need to submit your project files and a video. This must be in the form of a single zip archive with all of supplemental material included.

  1. Project files: Your project files need to include all files necessary to build your app. This includes all code and media files.
  2. Video: Your video needs to show your app running. This could be on an emulator or a physical device if one is available. Your video should be a maximum of 2 minutes long and showcase the core functionality of the app. You are free to use voiceover or subtitles for explanations. Your video file must not be larger than 100MB and must be in MP4 format. Alternatively, you may upload the video to YouTube and include a publicly accessible link in the report. It is your responsibility to ensure the link is accessible, and your video will not be marked if it cannot be accessed.



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