Stata代写|Econ 318 PS 4

本次美国代写是一个QGIS和state数据分析的Problem Set

Directions: The NBA is looking to expand and add two franchises. The commissioner has asked you to analyze recent census data and provide two candidate cities for expansion. Due to ongoing disputes with a Seattle based coffee franchise the NBA will not be putting a franchise in Seattle.

To complete the analysis, you should compile appropriate statistical data for this analysis. The NBA has provided a list of current NBA teams and arena locations, with their latitude and longitude. This file is available through moodle.

Your report should provide a thorough analysis that uses the range of QGIS techniques and Stata programming skills that we’ve covered in the course. At the end you will submit two files, a document with your report to the NBA Commissioner and your do file, that shows the program you wrote. You will be graded on showing the code for each step in the process, so missing commands/lines of code will cost you points. Submit both files through moodle.