Testing代写 | Software Testing 1087 – LAB Assignment 1


Software Testing 1087 – LAB Assignment 1: Unit Testing ( Only Wednesday and Thursday classes)
Important: as each class has different due date so the Canvas is not showing the due date.
Please proceed only if you have not received individual email for this test
1. Download the zipfile inside the email.
2. Then go to here and follow the instruction to see the password
3. Use the password to unzip your project ( If your OS is anything
other than Windows then please use RMIT MyDesktop to unzip
the folder then copy the code into your machine)
4. Import the project into the eclipse IDE.
5. Write setup for your unit tests using proper annotations
6. Write unit test cases and implement them for methods through
classes ( There is no minimum or maximum, as a tester you need to find which methods (and how many test cases)and what are scenarios to test for the functions of the given application)
7. Do not write unit test case for empty setter/getter methods
8. You are allowed to make helper/mocking classes if you need
9. Integrate your unit-tests with your SpiraTeam project
10. For each unit-test (@tesst) in the code, you must have a test-case
on SpiraTeam and your test result must be visible on the
11. Use SpiraTeam and generate a report in pdf for your test-cases
12. Make zipfile, including your project(with tests) and
studentnumber.pdf and submit through the assignment submission on the Canvas.
Marking Guide:
• The assignment is worth 8 marks in total.( this guide is in cooperated with the rubric on Canvas)
Due Date: 21th August 2018 12:55 pm ( any submission after this due would be considered
as late submission)
o 4.0 mark for unit tests inside the code if all tests are available and
comprehensive use of annotations for setup and teardown (-0.5 for each
missing test, 0 if more than 7 unit tests is missing, -1 missing setup)
o 3.0 mark for SpiraTeam test- cases (-0.5 if any test-case is missing, 0 for
for missing more than 5 test-cases)

o 1 mark for the report.pdf


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