three. 3D交互设计代写 | UFCFLL-30-2 CPC Mini-project 1

本次英国代写主要为three. 3D相关的project

This assignment is designed to allow you to develop your web programming and interaction design skills. It is a super fun mini project with various pathways to suit any student in the Creative Technologies cluster:

You are tasked with making an interactive 3D and audio ‘web toy’. You will be using Three.js and Tone.js to design and make an interactive piece that will promote play and creativity.

In order to do this, you will carry out the following activities individually:

  • Activity A – Research into methods, techniques and tools used by contemporary artists and designers.
  • Activity B – Create a fun and engaging interactive web based piece using Three.js and Tone.js.
  • Activity C – Present and critically analyse your work in a design and evaluation video.

Deliverable Specifications

CPC Mini-project 1 – Creative Computing

These are the minimum requirements:

  • Your piece must use Three.js and Tone.js.
  • Your piece must be contained within one page.
  • You may use standard and/or alternative methods of interaction. Standard in this context means keyboard and mouse. Alternative in this context means camera or microphone.
  • Your piece must contain some reactive sonic element. This may just be simple layering of background music elements, or sound effects related to clicks, or may be something more complex and emergent such as being based on collision.
  • The project should contain some information about the piece (instructions/inspiration/concept). This can be embedded within the “world” of your piece, or separately using HTML and CSS in a panel or text area.


You will not be assessed on abilities in creating 3D model or audio assets. Just make sure you credit any assets in the code and video. Peers can help each other in asset creation, which may be desirable if there is some collaboration between Digital Media and Music Technology students.

This piece does not have to be production ready for release the very next day after submission – this is a mini project after all! A proof concept prototype is fine.

If you are struggling to think of an idea, you can use and extend the Week 2 Main exercise – Walker as the basis of your project.


  • You must provide a script, which you then read through as a video (between 3-5 minutes long) documenting the design and evaluation of your project.
    • You must prepare and rehearse a script (~500 words) or at least prepare prompts for concise un-improvised narration. You may show diagrams or bullet points.
    • You must upload your script to Blackboard.
    • Your video must be uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo (unlisted, but with URL to view submitted to Blackboard).
    • Your script/video must justify and evaluate your design, and must discuss the intended users and purpose of the piece.
    • You should compare and contrast your own work with the work of contemporary artists/designers that have inspired you in the evaluation.
    • Your script/video must demonstrate the features of your piece in action, ensuring all features are clearly demonstrated, any on-screen details are in focus, that audio and narration is clearly audible in the video.

Your video grade will be based on justification of design decisions and demonstration of app functionality. Editing quality is not assessed. Your video may be presented in a single take, do not spend time on advanced editing, spend it on thoughtfully preparing what to show.


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