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Task Description

Your portfolio is for your future reference. Your portfolio will contain two sections: demonstrations and bibliography. The demonstrations section will showcase the mobile game concepts you have mastered. The bibliography section will contain a list of references of the learning resources that you found useful.

CQU Portfolio

Your portfolio should be constructed in CQU Portfolio which is available on the Moodle course site.


As you master mobile game concepts, e.g., by completing the Hands-On practical tasks within the textbook, you should add your demonstrations to your portfolio with screenshots and a short discussion. Your final portfolio should contain only 5-10 of your most impressive demonstrations. Upload the Unity projects to your CQU Portfolio. Where possible, your demonstrations should be built to run on the web player. Alternatively, your demonstrations should run in an android emulator.


As you learn mobile game development, you will access extracurricular material such as the Unity website, YouTube videos, help documentation and books. When you find a useful resource, you should add a reference to it to the bibliography section along with a short discussion of the resource which also justifies the inclusion of the resource. Your bibliography will be expected to contain at least 24 useful references – you should try to add roughly two per week.

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstrations are of a high quality with well written code. Work of a high distinction standard would be expected to demonstrate concepts beyond those covered in the textbook.
  • Bibliography references point to quality or rare resources, the reference discussions are well written and reasonable justifications are provided.


You should submit a Word or PDF document containing a secret URL to your CQU Portfolio page or collection.



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