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When selecting the seller status, users can send their work on the website and enter the original starting price. When selecting buyer status, users can see these auctions and enter their own prices below to bid.

Rubric turned in on time (5 points)

Setting up the environment (20 pts)

1.Installing Vue.js as front-end (10 pts)

2.installing Laravel (PHP) as back-end frameworks (10 pts)

Functionality (55 points)

  1. Users can register, log in and log out (10 pts)
  2. Users can choose seller and buyer status (5 pts)
  3. Guests can only view the list of auctions and cannot enter their own prices in the bidding below. (5 pts)
  4. Sellers can update their art auction pictures, art descriptions, and enter the original price (15 pts)
  5. Buyers can view the list of auctions and enter their own prices below to bid. (10 pts)
  6. When the seller chooses to trade, the auction item will show that it has been sold (10 pts)

Best Practices (5 points)

  1. Code is readable and well formatted(3 pts)
  2. All pages pass the html validator (2 pts)

Usability (5 points)

  1. The application is intuitive to use (3 pts)
  2. Site is visually appealing (2 pts)

Creative part (10 points)

  1. Buyers can collect auction items to their favorite list.


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