WEB代写|CMPSC431W Phase 2 Progress Review


1. Database population (35 %): Using the schema and data provided, you are required to create tables with the necessary keys and populate the tables from the CSV files provided. It is critical that you complete this task as soon as possible because it requires time.

2. UserLogIn (25 %): This is for a user (a buyer or a seller) to log in. Note that the necessary users’ log-in information is pre-stored in NittanyMarket system (i.e., the Data Population task). The system recognizes the user by his username and password. Please be sure that the user’s password is hashed when you store it, and it is not displayed while being entered.

3. Overall (40 %): You will be asked a few questions about the project. These questions relate to your data population and how your website prototype is designed so far. You may also be asked to show the source codes and terminal logs during the progress review.

Please note that we are not enforcing the use any specific tools. You can use your judgement for this. The schema has been released (can be found under /Home/Project/). You are welcome to modify/extend it.

Directions for the demo:

1. You will be given 5 minutes to demonstrate the two tasks. Please ensure you stick to the time limit.
Have everything ready beforehand.

2. Make sure you sign up in the Google sheet and be on time for your demo. Rescheduling may be difficult.

3. The TAs will send you a Zoom link later. If you do not receive a Zoom link 24 hours before your demo,reach out to us.

4. During the demo, you need to demonstrate your system and explain how you performed the task. You will share your screen with us and go over the tasks. There is no need to make any PPTs. Due to the time constraint, you will need to get your system up running before your demonstration starts.

5. For the database population task, we will ask you to show the contents of any of the tables. For the user login task, we will give you a username and password and check if the login works. A success/failure message is enough.

6. This assignment is mainly to review your progress and ensure that you are in good shape for the final demo later in the semester. While doing the tasks correctly is important, we will also look at the effort you have put in and help you correct errors. Starting early is the best way to ensure you do well on the project.

7. Before the demo, you are required to submit your code along with a README in the assignment titled “Phase 2 Progress Review”. You may not present unless the code has been submitted.

1. For the data population task, you may use available tools or write your own scripts/codes to do it.

Please be sure to save your scripts (or document how tools are used), as you may need to do it again in case that your database got screwed up during your development.

2. To demonstrate the completion of the database population task, you can use the database viewer in PyCharm or execute “select *” statements to display your tables. Any other tool can be used as long as we can see the contents of your tables.

3. For the user login task, we will be looking out for the correctness. In other words, you do not have to worry about making the webpage beautiful, though it is encouraged that you work on it from now. In the final demonstration, however, we will also evaluate your system based on functionality and UI/UX.

4. Please start early!


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