WEB代写 | Assessment 3 – Web Design and Development


Scenario introduction

Ms Belinda Bates is a tech entrepreneur and is always looking for project to invest in which help to support education in the community.  In light of recently world events Ms Bates has noticed that there is a real need for re-skilling for the jobs of the future and learning about current and emerging technologies.  Belinda has been thinking about a project to harness this new found interest in informing the community about new and emerging technology and technology which is shaping the workplace of the future.  She plans to do this by creating a website which can house information about several topics which can be updated and refined as needed.


which is supporting of this older audience through a series of short reports on new technologies.

Ms Bates has come to your web design company to seek your ideas for how you think this project could progress. The website will be used to showcase the details of multiple new/emerging technologies with room for expansion and updating as required.   She would also like a section on technology in the workplace, this section should also provide room for expansion and updating as required. The key purpose of the site is to:

  • display the details of the new technologies and workplace technology,
  • have an organised structure,
  • contain the ability to add further technologies to the catalogue,
  • have a contact form,
  • and have a way to feature the most recently added content to the website.


The website will also need to consider who the target audience within the community would be for such as site. (Please note there is a hint about the potential target audience with the requirement for workplace content).


The focus of the website is to demonstrate functionality, with example content shown through use of a new technology reports generated as part of your Assignment 2 submissions and you will need to generate new content based on the workplace requirement. (Please note: You might like to refine or reduce the amount of detail from your Assignment 2 submission so that they presented a coherent flow across all the topics included within the website.)


In order to complete the Assignment 3 requirements you will need to complete the following four (4) steps as outlined below:

STEP 1. Form a group via self-select

  • Find 1, 2 or 3 other students to work with as a group. You can join with students in your local area, in your practical class, cross campuses, or via the cloud. Please post a message in the Assessment 3 Questions student discussion to seek group membership.
  • To confirm your group membership you will need to sign up to the appropriate group via the SIT124 unit site Tools > Groups > SIT124 Assessment 3. Please communicate with your group members to ensure all members sign up to the same group number.  Without signing up to your group in the SIT124 unit site, your group will not be able to submit assessment 3. You can find more information on how to signing-up to groups in the unit sites here
  • When you form and sign up the members of your group you will be presented with a private group discussion area, and a group Assignment submission area.
  • Groups can be comprised of 2, 3, or 4 students. Please do not join a group without first confirming with the members of the groups first to ensure that they are happy to host you as a member. 



STEP 2. Website design and development project – 20% of total grade

Using the scenario above, students form groups and develop a new website that pitches the new/disruptive/emerging technology to a target audience. A part of this assessment is that students will assess the needs of their target audience and make a plan for website implementation. Students will need to demonstrate their ability to create a website by designing their own template/ child theme using CSS, HTML and JavaScript features.

The main requirements are outlined below:

  • Nominate one member of the group to Host and Deploy a new WordPress website from a Microsoft Azure account (one team member will create, hosts the resource, all grant access to the other team members, all team members should have access to the Groups WordPress website therefore do not use a personal password when setting up the site). The instructions to create the site can be found in Activities 5.2a WordPress: Creating child themes and 5.6 Adding Group Members in Azure
  • You will be required to embed all group members ‘new technology’ (assignment 2 reports) within your site as the main content. However you may need to make adjustments to fit your target audience. (As a group you can determine the age range for the older audience)
  • You will also be required to add some new technology content which relates to the current and future use of technology within the Workplace.
  • Develop a website implementation plan (The details of the plan are outlined in STEP 3 below). The plan should include: an assessment of the needs of your target audience, visualization of website structure/ navigation structure, and plans for changes to the style, formatting, code snippets and interactivity of your website (see below for further information on the implementation plan).
  • Implement the website as described in the above plan; incorporating CSS, HTML and JavaScript additions into your website via WordPress (Module 4 and 5 covered basic web design and development techniques.) The coding requirements are outlined below:
    • a minimum of five(5) different validated HTML tags (standard code)
    • a requirement of at least one(1) JavaScript feature
    • a minimum of three(3) different working Inline CSS examples
    • a minimum of three(3) different working External CSS examples
  • Please add in team member names on your WordPress website.
  • Demonstrate final implementations via PDF or screen shots of the pages of your site.



Step 3. Developing your implementation plan

To help prepare a well-organised and structured website, each group needs to complete a website implementation plan before starting web development. In this report, each group needs to address the following sections:

  1.   A title page: showing development team (group members names, Student IDs, roles within the project, and the outline their contributions to the project should be included within the Implementation Plan. (Each members contribution should be out of 100%)
  2.   An introduction to the report, what is this plan for? (i.e. to support Ms Belinda Bates new endeavour) (approximately 250 – 500 words).
  3.   Present an assessment of the needs of your target audience: Who is your target audience? (including the selected demographics and technical experience), How you will redesign your current Assignment 2 report to fit and inform the target audience (approximately 250 – 500 words).
  4.   Provide a visualization of the website structure/ navigation layout. Describe your website structure/ navigation. The visualisation will show how the website will be organised and demonstrate any relationship between objects across pages, i.e. how are pages linked (Module 4 and 5 discussed website navigation and page layout that will inform you activities here) – (approximately 250 – 500 words).
  5.   Describe plans for changes to the style (CSS), formatting (HTML) and interactivity (JavaScript) of your website. What is your chosen theme? Evidence that a child theme will be used for any development work. The inclusion of code snippets should be include here as evidence of changes to the CSS, HTML and JAVA changes planned (approximately 250 – 500 words).
  6.   Evidence of the completed 2 user evaluations and a brief outline for how you have incorporated (or plan to incorporate) the user evaluation feedback into your sites design. For example: this section should include a summary of the feedback you received highlighting 3 good points discovered from the evaluation and 2 sections that you could improve further. (approximately 250 – 500 words).



STEP 4. Website evaluation – 10% of total grade

In addition to the website design and development project, students will also be required to gather two user reviews of the created website, gathered from reputable sources.

Sources for the tester can include include: a samples from your Target Audience, and IT professionals. These can come from lecturers, family member, friends (who are not studying SIT124 Exploring IT).

These reviews will critique the website using a prescribes structure (described below). The full critiques and the participants permission forms must be submitted as a part of the submission.

To complete the evaluation you will need to:

  1. Evaluate the website you have developed by seeking feedback from two external sources (as described above).
  2. Use the below prescribed structure to evaluate your website (Morris, 2016). Capture the responses for at least two reviewers in a word processed document and include this document as a part of your final submission.
    • Evaluators age and profession – relationship to student
    • How did the you access the website? (i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet)
    • If tested on a mobile or tablet device, did you find the website responsive? (fit on the screen of your device clearly)
    • Did you find the page title informative? Did you get a sense of the website from the title? Why/ why not?
    •  Was the home page has compelling/interesting? Why/why not?
    • Did you find the website visually appealing? Why/why not?
    • Did you find the navigation of the website logical? Was it consistent? Why/why not?
    • Did you find the website had a clear design? (easy to follow, and clearly presented) Why/why not?
    • Did the website have a good balance of text/ images / spacing around the content on each page? Why/why not?
    • Overall, what feedback would you give the design team in regards to this website?

3. Part of any user testing/evaluation is to ensure that the participants understand what they are participating in and how their information will be used. Ensuring that your reviewers understand is part of your ethical practice and responsibility as an IT professional. Therefore within this section of the assignment task it is your responsibility to gain the permission of your user testers to use their reviews as part of your submission.



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