WEB代写 | COMP 3015 Introduction to Web Applications with PHP Final Project

本次加拿大代写主要为WEB PHP开发相关的project

Final Project

The goal of this project is to build a simple web application with the skills learned throughout the

This project is open book – all materials provided throughout the course and materials found on
Internet sources, such as Google and StackOverflow, are fair game. Everything you need to finish the
project has been covered in class such that you should not need to use external sources though you are
more than welcomed to.

Start with the provided starter kit. There’s an index.php as an example of all components you will
need. There’s also an example product.php.
To implement the features such as Search, Login, Downvote, etc. you can have as many or as little
other PHP files as you see fit.
To store data, you can have as many or as little database tables as you see fit; you can store everything
in one table or many tables. Include your SQL table schemas in your submission.

This project is not prescriptive by design.

Be sure to remove the example panels before submission. Auto -1 if any example panels are left in.

Do not use JavaScript/CSS to hide/track/manipulate your data. This will result in an automatic 0.
This is a PHP course.

The web application is a simple listings system. A user will visit the website (index.php), browse
items for sale and put up their own items for sale.

They also have the option to sign up to unlock the Pin feature!

The Basics – 5 marks
• Users visiting the website will see all items for sale under the Items for Sale section
• Clicking on the Picture of an item will take the user to a product.php
• The product page does nothing but pull up information on that clicked-on item
• Clicking on the Picture of an item also adds that item to the Recently Viewed list
o Have a maximum of 4 items under Recently Viewed
• If users refresh or close+reopen the browser, that recently viewed list should be retained

Login, Logout, Sign Up – 5 marks
• Users can signup/login – example forms are provided
• Signing up or logging in or logging out does not reset their Recently Viewed items
• Logged in users can delete their own items but not others
o Their own items will have the delete icon
o Items by other users will not have the delete icon
• Logged in users can Pin/Unpin items that they like
o Pinned items are highlighted as yellow-looking panels
• Only logged in users can upload items

Search – 5 marks
• Search performs a partial string match on the title or description of an item
o Any user can search – logged in or not
o Update the Items for Sale section to show only the partially matched items
• The user should be able to copy and paste their URL to a friend to yield the same search results
o Got time? Implement the Shareable link button next to the Search button – copy the
shareable link to the clipboard. 1 bonus mark.

Sorting – 5 marks
• Under Items for Sale, Pinned items are always displayed first before all other items
o No other sorting is necessary for Items for Sale
• Under Recently Viewed, items are sorted by user first, then price
o All of Alex Akins’ items show up before Jane Smith’s items
o Alex Akins’ items are sorted most expensive to least expensive
o Jane Smith’s items are sorted most expensive to least expensive


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