Web代写 | COMP 4601A Lab #4



The goal for this lab is to create a basic server that supports search queries on your existing crawled data using the elasticlunr.js package.


To get credit for the lab you must either demonstrate the lab to a TA/instructor during office hours or record a demo, host it online, and include a link along with your submitted code on Brightspace. You can use the Kaltura Capture and MediaSpace resources provided by Carleto or your own software/hosting resources to record and share the demonstration. For partners,only one demonstration or submission is required. If demonstrating during office hours, inform the instructor/TA of your partner’s name. If submitting on Brightspace, include both partners’names in a README file.

Lab Description

Your server for this lab should use the fruit website data generated by your crawler from the previous lab. Your server is required to index the data and provide the required search functionality. You are free to decide exactly which data will be added to the index but are encouraged to include at least the page title and page body contents.

The home page for your server (i.e., URL /), must serve a page in which the user can enter a simple text search query and submit the search request. In response to a search request, your server must perform a search using the indexed data and return an HTML page containing a list of the top 10 search results. Each search result must include at least the URL to the original page, the title of the original page, and the search score generated by elasticlunr for this search query. As part of your demonstration, you should include some brief analysis of why you think the returned search results are ranked in a relevant manner (e.g., by looking at several pages’ data and comparing that data to the search terms).


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