Web代写 | CSE2ICE Assignment

本次澳洲作业案例是angular web开发的一个Web代写assignment


The intention of ICE is to prepare you for industry as a junior web developer. We have covered
fundamental and topical material in this subject to aid you in this endeavour. The employment market
for graduate level front-end developers is strong, however entry is very selective. To this end, we
have designed an assignment to give you experience on current industry relevant technologies and to
assess you based on expectations a prospective employer would have. In this assignment, you will
have to prepare yourself for a quantity of self-directed study and experimentation. As front-end
development is such a fast-moving area, the ability to research and implement current and
emerging technologies is critical. At the conclusion of this assessment item, we hope you will be
proud of your product and will cite it in future job applications.

The task:

We live in the sporting capital of Australia, perhaps the world, sports news is a big area of online
interest and you will be focusing on it. So far this semester we have looked at HTML5 and generic
templates for various categories of online sites, in this assignment we will look at sports news
with a heavy emphasis on delivering an enhanced user experience on the client side. We will
focus on AFL (Australian Football League). You will use the single page application (SPA) paradigm
to implement a league/team explorer web application.

Data Sources:

In this assignment, you will explore sports data using an API on Squiggle (https://api.squiggle.com.au/).
Understanding and working with API’s is a skill that you need to demonstrate here and in the
workplace. Take some time to understand it and try the examples. Note – we expect you to use
your ingenuity in figuring out the API.

Requirements (user stories):

The assignment shall produce a single page application that will allow the user to explore the
performance of their team with respect to other teams in the league. The application must
incorporate these user stories and have a selected team marked as the “favourite”.

1. “As a fan, I want to see the prediction that my team will win their next game”

2. “As a fan, I want to see the results of all games my team has played this season”

3. “As a fan, I want to see opponent & games details for the next 5 matches for my team”

4. “As a fan, I want to see all the venues where my team has won so far this season”

5. “As a fan, I want to see the head-to-head games and if available, results between my team
and my team’s rival <..> this season” [challenging]

These are 5 user stories that are expected to be implemented, we then require you to implement
3 additional of your choosing, grades will be allocated for complexity and functionality.

Data retrieval can be enacted by using the API, however, the visualisation is up to you. Points will
be awarded for creativity in the display, i.e. don’t just output plain text or a table to the client.
Emphasis should be on interactivity, originality and a great user experience.


Modern web development is all about adapting to new frameworks and technologies to
implement the richest experience to the client. These have to be learnt and experimented with
proactively in order to stay competitive.

The mandatory technologies we expect to see, include

• The use of Bitbucket or GitHub as a repository
• Angular Single Page Application (SPA)
• The app must be responsive in design to a set of different devices, desktop and mobile
• The deployment of your web app to Heroku, or to your La Trobe server account, or other