WEB代写 | Design And Build A Responsive Website



Large Coursework Brief

Your brief is to design and build a responsive website of a magazine or a newsletter.
This may take the form of a topical or a news magazine or a newsletter for a club or society.
If possible this should represent a real situation. For example:

Your web site should have 5 pages with different types of news and articles.
Wherever possible sample content should be representative of the material
for that web site. It should have appropriate media, including video and sound
clips if relevant.

In addition to the web site, you will include a report.html file with associated
images etc. in your site’s base directory. This will explain what you have
learned in the process of building your site, where you found your information,
and how you have adapted any resources (if applicable). The outline template
for the report can be found in the “web_dev_report_spec.pdf” file.

The specific items you should include in the report are shown in the report
template and listed in the Design and Reflection review criteria.


Your report.html should contain the following (in this order):

Your name

Introduction: What is the essential story being told by your site and
what type of structure did you choose to implement?

Inspiration: State 3 things that have inspired you when creating your
website (e.g. guest speakers, websites, artists, blogs).

Accessibility: State 3 ways in which your site is accessible to those
with different abilities and needs (for example those with visual

Usability: State 3 ways in which you considered the usability of your
Learning: state 3 things you had to learn or find out to create your site.
How did you achieve that?

Evaluation I: What aspects of your work do you think were particularly
successful? Why?

Evaluation II: What aspects of your work could be improved? How
might you do things differently another time?

Resources: What resources did you use in your work? List any sources
of information, libraries, plugins, code or tools (you should also indicate
inclusions from other sources within your code using comments)

Appendices: Site map, wireframes and mock-ups Materials from the Web

You can use almost anything you like that you can find on the Web, but you
should avoid anything that is not open or at least has a copyright (e.g. that
costs money or requires login or registration). Being able to build on other
people’s ideas is an important skill.

It is essential that, on your report page (and, wherever possible, in your code)
you describe what you have taken, where you took it from, and what you
have done to it.

If you copy-and-paste something almost without change, you must say that
you have done it, it must conform to the standards, and you shouldn’t expect
many marks for it. You will get credit for making imported code fit in with and
enhance your own design, for understanding and using complex libraries, or
for altering and enhancing material that you have used. Showing you can
adapt existing code is particularly valuable. In order to be clear which material
you have written and which you have used from elsewhere you will be
expected to provide comprehensive comments within your HTML, CSS and
JavaScript files indicating code you have used, code you have adopted and
edited and code that you have written.


The marking criteria are as follows (each criterion has equal weight):


Submitted URL works
5 web pages are implemented with an appropriate hierarchical structure
HTML is valid and well-formed
HTML elements are well chosen, and use structural elements and
attributes where possible
HTML is comprehensively commented


CSS is used to make an appropriate, aesthetic design
Layout is appropriate and interesting
Website is responsive, with explicit responsive behaviour
CSS is comprehensively commented


JavaScript is successfully called and student-written code interacts with
the DOM

JavaScript has an essential role in the function of some aspect of the
website (e.g. image carousel)

Advanced use is made of JavaScript or a JS library is used in a
sophisticated way

JS is comprehensively commented Report:

Site map and wireframes are comprehensive and representative, and
wireframes reflect the responsive aspects of the site

Mock-ups are present and accurate

Accessibility is described in the report and well executed in the site Reflection on work (the rest of the report) shows critical and analytical awareness


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