WEB代写 | SIT313 Pass Task Personal Website



This task intends to provide you with experience in HTML and CSS. You are given the
requirements of a personal website. Your task is to build your own personal website for your

You will find “Topic Videos and Practical Demo Videos” of Week 1 on the unit site to be
particularly useful as a reference for this task. Please also keep an eye on your email and any
announcements that may be made on Cloud Deakin or Teams.

Submission Details

You must ensure that all your project files used for this task sit in a directory called “Task
1.1P”. All files required to be uploaded to OneDrive/GitHub/GoogleDrive/Dropbox/Bitbucket
and a link to the “Task 1.1P” directory must be submitted to OnTrack. Please make sure that
I and your marking tutor (Dinesh) have access to the folder. A link to the demo video of your
website is running must be submitted by using the task submission page to OnTrack. You
must also submit your finished website source code (index.html, main.css, image folder) to
Ontrack. This is mandatory for plagiarism check. It would be great if you could submit the
screenshot of the webpages. This is an individual assignment, and you should submit by
8pm AEST, Friday, 30 July 2020, (Week 3).

Personal Website

While some of you may already have personal websites, this task will require you to build a
new website to meet the following design criteria.

1. The first part includes a horizontal navigation menu including About, Work, Contact
as follows:

2. The next part is a header image when you hover over the image, the following effect
“Hey, I’m Azadeh” is shown. Please replace “Azadeh” with your name.

3. After the header image, your profile photo and one-line job description will be
shown as follows.

4. The list of your projects including project photo, project name and project description
or GitHub link will be designed as below.

5. The last part includes an image gallery. When you resize the screen or browser
window, the images need to be re-arranged as shown below (i.e., responsive images).

Important note:
– The design and website layout should be exactly the same as above screenshots
except text font, text colour, header image, image gallery, profile photo and
background colour. The online template cannot be used.


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