WEB代写 | The world’s first website

本次澳洲代写主要为html web开发限时测试

The world’s first website

Look at the screenshot of the world’s first website below and think about
how the design of web pages has changed since the early 1990s.

1. Considering the types of devices and web browsers used in during
the early 1990’s, what is one of the benefits of this simple design?
(2 marks)

2. If you were to redesign this website today for a modern target
demographic, what changes would you make to each of the
aspects listed below? (4 marks)

o Use of media
o Typography design
o Navigation
o Page layout design

JavaScript code in HTML

JavaScript code can be added to an HTML document in a few different

1. Write an example of an HTML script element that contains a
JavaScript function. (3 marks)

2. Write an example of an HTML script element that loads an external
JavaScript file. (2 marks)

3. What is one of the key benefits of writing JavaScript code in an
external JS file? (1 mark)

PHP code in HTML

You are debugging some PHP functionality in a website that is not
producing the expected output. You are trying to output a title into a

$title = ‘Welcome to My Website’;
if ( $title ) echo ‘The title is: $title’
if ( $content ) echo ‘$content’

1. Identify the errors in the code and rewrite it as valid PHP. (3

2. Clearly describe the 3 mistakes in the code that you have
corrected. (3 marks)

Addressing systems on the web

Consider the following standard URL format:


1. Which part of this address could be replaced with an IP address?
Rewrite the URL above so that it includes an IPv4 address. (2

2. Some servers and clients are switching from IPv4 addresses to
IPv6 addresses. Why is this necessary? What is the main benefit
of IPv4 compared to IPv6? (2 marks)

3. What is the purpose a query string? Rewrite the URL above so
that 3 variables can be passed to a server for processing. (3



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