Web代写 | Understanding of The Coding Concepts And Skills


You are welcome to take suggestions on your project 2 design and implementation from your
classmates and/or lecturer. However, you must develop your web application based on your Project
1 Proposal. You are free to improve or modify MINOR changes from your project 1 proposal during
the development stage, however it is subject to approval from your lecturer. Using your Project
Proposal (Project 1) as a guide, you should apply coding using Vue framework to your designed
components in order to demonstrate a range of coding concepts in a creative manner.

During the implementation stage, the following effective coding practices (available in the table on
the NEXT PAGE) should be demonstrated by your implementation:

Coding Practices Requirement
Documentation and Basics Effective commenting inside codes to allow easy understanding of the purpose of different
aspects of your code. Efficient use of some of the following basic ideas.
• Computed Properties and Watchers
• Class and Style Bindings
• Conditional Rendering
• List Rendering
• Event Handling
• Form Input Bindings
• Components Basics
Components in depth • Component Registration
• Props
• Custom Events
• Slots
• Dynamic & Async Components
• Handling Edge Cases
Transitions and Animations
Reusability & Composition
Tooling and Scaling Up
• Enter/Leave & List Transitions
• State Transitions
• Mixins
• Custom Directives
• Render Functions & JSX
• Plugins
• Filters
• Single File Components
• Unit Testing
• TypeScript Support
• Production Deployment
• Routing
• State Management

The way in which your web application satisfies each of these requirements is up to your design. Your submission of
the project 2 must be presented as a single zip archive.



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