WEB代写 | Web Script Part 1


  • Limit your answers to 300 words per question. Short, to-the-point and clear answers are expected. Point form is acceptable, but discouraged.
  • Throughout all of the material provided for this assignment there is an abundance of discussions on distributed database design. While that is extremely important, it is beyond the scope of this course and should not be considered relevant to the assignment. It may be impossible to avoid mentioning database issues, but they should not be seen as the focus (i.e. don’t go down that rabbit hole).
  • Be sure to not use the buzz words found (as this is not a marketing course) — your overall goal, for all questions, is to connect what industry discusses/provides with the foundational design principles discussed in class. If you use the words “The Cloud”, “Docker” or “Kubernetes”, you will immediately be given a 0.

Answer the following questions:

  • 1.1: Why is load balancing important? Where in the infrastructure does a load balancer sit? How does it choose which machine should accept the request? How does this work with “elastic computing”?
  • 1.2: Netflix uses Chaos Engineering to what? Why would Netflix choose this as a solution? What is the positive result of the Chaos?
  • 1.3: What is a Message Broker? What popular Message Broker solutions exist? Give an example, with a drawn diagram, of how it would work in an application.
  • 1.4: Read Scaling Memcache at Facebook. How was the zone syncing done, why was it done that way?


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