Web应用程序代写 | SIT313 – Developing Client-Server Web Applications



This task intends to provide you with experience in Node.js, Express and MongoDB. You are
given the requirements of a customer registration page for iService web application. Your task
is to build this component.

You will find “Demo Videos” of Week 2-4 Practical on the unit site to be particularly useful as
a reference for this task. Please also keep an eye on your email and any announcements that
may be made on Cloud Deakin.

Submission Details

You must ensure that all your program files used for this task sit in a directory/repository called
“Task 4.1P”. This directory should contain a subdirectory called “public” where your CSS files
and images are placed under “public/css” and “public/images” directories, respectively. All
files required to be uploaded and a link to the “Task 4.1P” directory must be submitted by
using the task submission page to OnTrack. Please do not upload node_modules directory.
You could also submit your GitHub link. A link to the demo video of your webpage and
welcome email are loading and running must be submitted. Please make sure that I and
Dinesh have access to the folder or GitHub repo. Please put all links in one PDF file and
submit it using the task submission page to OnTrack. You must also submit only server.js file
to the OnTrack. This is an individual assignment, and you should submit by 8pm AEST,
Friday, 27 August 2021, (Week 6).


• To combine what you have learnt in the first four weeks into a real-world web application.
• To provide you with a reference web application for your future projects.


To use the iService platform, a customer needs to create an iService Customer Account. You
need to design an HTML page for new Customer Registration which allows a customer to
register themselves into the application (you could use Bootstrap Templates).

– The application maintains a MongoDB database to record all information of requesters,
tasks and crowd workers (iServiceDB).

– For each requester, you need to keep the auto generated customer id, country of residence,
first name, last name, email address, password, re-typed password (for double checking),
address, city, state/province, Zip/Postal code and mobile phone number (see next page).

– Once the application gets these inputs (using BodyParser), it validates the inputs using
data validation in MongoDB and add the details of the new customer to iServiceDB. The
server-side program will check (1) all inputs except Zip/Postal code and phone number are
given; (2) the password is the same as re-typed one; (3) the password must be at least 8
characters; (4) the email address must be valid. If the data validation has problem, an error
message is shown.


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