Web程序开发代写|4210 COMP SCI X 0019 Web Application Group Project Specification




The requirements listed in this section must be followed.
Not adhering to these requirements may result in a significant reduction in marks or even 0 for the assessment.

Software Requirements

  • The web application must be developed in and run in the VSCode for CS50 IDE.
    • You should also make regular backups/downloads of your work.
    • You are encouraged to setup a dedicated GitHub and CS50 account for groupwork with shared access to all group members to avoid accidentally sharing your personal work.
    • You must get explicit permission from the course coordinator if you want to use a different environment.
  • The web application must use NodeJS, Express, and AJAX .
  • The database must be a SQL database.
  • Your markup/code must pass W3C Validation and ESLint linting.
  • You may use other libraries/frameworks not addressed in this course, however:
    • Remember that you’re working in a group; all group members are expected to have contributed to and understand the work developed.
    • Your implementation must still demonstrate your understanding of the concepts taught in this course.
    • We may be unable to mark work that deviates too much from the course content.

Group Requirements

  • This assignment must be worked on in groups of 4.
  • Groups must be formed before the mid-semester break (end of Week 6).
  • You must register your group in MyUni.
  • You may form a group with any other students in this course, but it will be easier to organise your group if they are in the same workshop as you.
  • Postgraduate Students (enrolled in COMP SCI 7207) will be assigned groups.
  • See “Forming A Group” below for details/advice on forming groups.

Feature Requirements

  • You must implement a social event planning system.
  • Your system should contain features as described in the “Feature Details” section below.
  • Postgraduate Students will need to implement an additional feature as specified.