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Assessment Summary
Title: Web Design and
Development Graded out of: 40
Group:☒ Individual:☐ Weight: 20%
Due date:
Due date
Submission: Instructions:
Key Criteria
Online:☒ Hardcopy:☐
Students submit using the submission tool located under the week 11 section of Moodle.
Assignment 3 requires you to work in a group of 2-4 students to make a new WordPress website using one of your Microsoft Azure accounts. This website will contain one of the group’s assignment 2 reports. The website will then be evaluated for feedback by two people to learn if the website could be improved in the future.
Week 11
20th of September 2019, 10:00 p.m.
• Audience for the website has been considered and documented
• A website implementation plan that describes the structure and design of the website
• Implementation plan describes the code required to be added
• Implementation plan demonstrates the use of a child theme in WordPress
• Website created is well organised
• Website features custom HTML coded by students
• Website includes a HTML form (form does not need to fully working)
• Website demonstrates use of JavaScript to add interesting features
• Website uses combinations of internal and external CSS to change the visual style
• Custom CSS made includes the use of a class or ID to define specific style information
• Implementation plan includes references (Harvard format) that evidence good web design standards have been
• Evaluation of website performed with at least two people (not members of the group)
• Evaluations provide useful feedback
• Evaluations include a completed permission form for each person that evaluated the site
Relevant Content Weeks & ULOs
☐Week 1 ☒Week 7
☐Week 2 ☒Week 8
☐Week 3 ☒Week 9
☐Week 4 ☒Week 10
☐Week 5 ☐Week 11
☒Week 6 ☐Week 12
Week 11
☐ ULO1
Describe the broad range of careers within
the IT profession, and explain their respective skills, responsibilities, and professional practices.
☐ ULO2
Investigate new technologies, and analyse
the information located to provide a high level technical overview and to position it with respect to earlier advances in the field.
☒ ULO3
Design and develop websites using modern
HTML and CSS standards.
Please read the full assignment details that follow.
20th of September 2019, 10:00 p.m.

SIT124 Assignment 3
Assessment Details
This is a group assessment and is worth 20% towards your unit grade.
Students must work in a group of 2-4 students total. No exceptions apply.
Achieves unit learning outcome: ULO3 – through student ability to describe the process of designing and developing static web pages and websites, apply this process to develop static web pages and websites.
Due date: This assignment must be submitted electronically through the Assessment Folder in the SIT124 Moodle site by 10:00 pm Friday week 9 (20th of September 2019).
In this assessment, students will complete two components in groups:
1. website design and development project
2. website evaluation
Part 1 – website design and development project: Students will select one new technology report (from their assessment 2 submissions) for their group to use as the host website information for assessment 3. Using the scenario below, students will develop a new website that pitches the new/disruptive/emerging technology to a target audience. A part of this assessment is that students will assess the needs of their target audience and make a plan for website implementation. Students will need to demonstrate their ability to create a website by designing their own template/ child theme using CSS, HTML and JavaScript features. A website URL will be submitted.
Part 2 – website evaluation: In addition to the website design and development project, students will also be required to gather two user reviews of the created website, gathered from reputable sources. Sources include: IT and other professionals, career development professionals, teachers, lecturers, family member, friends (who are not studying SIT124 Exploring IT). These reviews will critique the website using a prescribes structure (described below). The full critiques and the participants permission forms must be submitted as a part of the submission.

Scenario Introduction
Ms Tess Savoy is a technology enthusiast and is looking to host a website that describes and promotes new technologies. Ms Savoy is seeking assistance with the development of the website. The website will be used to showcase the details of multiple new technologies with room for expansion and updating as required. The key purpose of the site is to display the details of the new technology, have an organised structure, contain the ability to add further technologies to the catalogue, have a contact form, and feature the most recent addition to the site.
The focus of the website is to demonstrate functionality, with example content shown through use of a new technology report (assessment 2).
What you need to do
1. Form a group via self-select
1. Find 2 or 3 other students to work with as a group. You can join with students inyour class, or students from other classes – note that whoever you choose to work with, you should immediately share contact details (e.g. student email) so that everyone has a way to communicate.
2. To confirm your group you will need to have one group member post into the week 9 discussion forum called “SIT124 Assignment 3 Forum”. Your elected group member should make a post that lists the student names and IDs of everyone in your group.
2. Website Design and Development Project
Once you have created your group you should:
1. Nominate one member to deploy a new WordPress website from a Microsoft Azure account (one team member hosts the resource, all have access via website URL). If you have created a WordPress website in Microsoft Azure already, you can skip this step.
2. Pick one ‘new technology’/ assessment 2 report to include as the main content of the website (refer to the scenario presented above to help make thechoice). Think about what would be most suited for Ms Savoy’s website.
3. Develop a website implementation plan. This includes: an assessment of theneeds of your target audience, visualization of website structure/ navigation structure, and plans for changes to the style, formatting and interactivity of your website (see below for further information on the implementation plan).
4. Implement the website as described in the above plan; incorporating CSS,HTML and JavaScript additions into your website via WordPress (Module 4 and 5 covers basic web design and development techniques. Please also refer to the rubric for detail on the additions needed).

5. Please add in team member names, student ID and percentage of contribution (each member out of 100%) within your Implementationreport, and make sure that you list all group members names on your WordPress website.
6. Demonstrate final implementation via screen shots of the code implemented in step 4 (See rubric below to determine what to show).
3. Website Evaluation
In your group:
1. Evaluate the website you have developed by seeking feedback from two
external sources (as described above in the introduction).
2. Use the below prescribed structure to evaluate your website (Morris, 2016). Capture the responses for at least two reviewers in a Word document (.docx format) and include this document as a part of your final submission.
• •
• •
• • •
• • •
Evaluators age and profession – relationship to student
How did the you access the website? (i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet)
If tested on a mobile or tablet device, did you find the website responsive?
Did you find the page title informative? Did you get a sense of the website from the title? Why/ why not?
Was the home page has compelling? Why/why not?
Did you find the website visually appealing? Why/why not?
Did you find the navigation of the website logical? Was it consistent?
Why/why not?
Did you find the website had a clear design? (Basic design principles:
repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment shown). Why/why not?
Did the website have a balance of text/graphics/white space on each page? Why/why not?
Overall, what feedback would you give the design team in regards to this website?
3. Part of
are participating in and how their information will be used. Ensuring that your reviewers understand is part of your ethical practice and responsibility as an IT professional. Therefore, within this section of the assignment task it is your responsibility to gain the permission of your user testers to use their reviews as part of your submission.
• Therefore you are required to get the reviewers to sign the User Test Permission (provided next to these instructions on Moodle) so that you can ethically use their reviews as part of your submission.
any user testing/evaluation is to ensure that the participants understand what they

What is a Website Implementation Plan?
To help prepare a well-organised and structured website, each group needs to complete a website implementation plan before starting web development. In this report, each group needs to address the following sections:
1. A title page: showing development team (group members names, IDs, and percentage contributions to the assignment tasks.)
2. An introduction to the report, what is this plan for? (i.e. to support MsTess Savoy new endeavor) (250 words maximum)
3. Present an assessment of the needs of your target audience: Who is yourtarget audience? Use your chosen technology report (assessment 2) to inform the demographic and interest details of your target audience (250 words maximum)
4. Provide a visualization of the website structure/ navigation layout. Describe your website structure/ navigation. The visualisation will show how the website will be organised and demonstrate any relationship between objects across pages,
i.e. how are pages linked (Module 4 and 5 discussed website navigation and page layout that will inform you activities here) – (250 word maximum).
5. Describe plans for changes to the style (CSS), formatting (HTML) and interactivity (JavaScript) of your website. What is your chosen theme? Evidence that a child theme will be used for any development work (250 words maximum).
Submission of Assignment
The submission of assessment 3 will be completed through the Assessment 3 submission dropbox on Moodle. Please submit assessment 3 by:
• Adding the following components into a single PDF: o The URL of your website
o Please add in team member names within your WordPress website
o Website implementation plan – Please add in team member names, student ID and
percentage of contribution (each member out of 100%) within your plan.
o Website evaluations and permission forms
o A screenshot of each full page of the website – which will provide a record of your
website on date of submission. Your copies should include all information presented on
the page from header to footer. Not following this may result in a penalty mark.
o Include some screenshots of code snippets for the CSS, HTML and JavaScript used from website implementation.


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