html代写 | Term Project



This course includes a term project that evaluates the student’s mastery of the course material in order to create professional web sites and applications.

Students will be evaluated on how well they have mastered the following topics:

* Web languages


* CSS 3

* JavaScript

* Vue

* Web page layout and design

* Document object model (DOM)

* Website usability

* Project management for web design and development


You will be required to create a comprehensive website consisting of 5-10 content pages using the knowledge you have learned in this course. Your code should be stored on GitHub ( and publicly available for view. Please refer to the documentation on Getting Started with GitHub to get setup.

The term project’s default topic is YOU!

Create a website that includes a portfolio about yourself. You can choose one or more of the following features:

* Include your biography

* Share your interests

* Provide a web-based contact form

* Display your resume

* Include a photo gallery

* Showcase skills you learned in this course

It is expected that you will utilize the majority of the material covered in the course to implement your project.

Unless approved by your facilitator you are restricted to the default topic described above. Don’t construe this as a requirement, it would be great to have you work on a topic that better suits your interests or could actually fulfill a need or desire you currently have. If you would like to choose a different topic or direction, just be sure to have your alternative topic approved by your course facilitator before the start of week three.

If you are going to be in the job market in the near future—creating a portfolio about your education makes a lot of sense and is strongly recommended.

In addition, a mid-term review (at the end of Module 3) may also be offered as an optional event in order for students to receive feedback on their project before they finish and submit the assignment.

The following diagram can help you with the planning and implementation of your project:


You have two options for presentation: via video or live.

* Live presentations: Your instructor or facilitator will schedule final presentations in which each student will devote 8–10 minutes presenting their completed project in a live classroom environment. It is nothing to stress over, just show us the great work that you have accomplished!

* Video presentations: You can also submit your project as a video walk-through. If so, submit both the link to the video and the link to your codebase on GitHub as your final.

Your instructor and/or facilitator will announce the days and times of these two events.

Option for Extra Credit

You have the opportunity to earn extra credit for this assignment. This extra credit provides for a maximum of a 10% adjustment to your final term project score.

To earn extra credit, you will need to incorporate one or more of these technologies into your final submission.

* Adding any ES6 or higher functionality presented in module five.

* Connecting to a database or external API to add dynamic functionality to your site. This typically involves being able to submit, retrieve, edit, and delete information from a web form to a database.

* Making your site responsive using CSS Flexbox or CSS Grid Layout (no frameworks).


Web authoring tools and other software

You may use a text editor and/or integrated development environment. You may also benefit from using image, video, and/or audio editing software. You must also publish your project to the web, so you’ll need web hosting space. We recommend Netlify, Azure Static Apps or GitHub pages for your hosting. Please use GitHub to store your code; this makes deployment much easier as well.

Development Resources

* Lecture notes

* Live classroom recordings

* Course textbooks

* Additional web research

* No group projects or external collaboration is permitted

File Management

* Your code should be stored on GitHub in a public repo in a folder with a file explaining your project’s goal. Submit the link to this project as your final project submission.

* Privacy issues: Your codebase should be publicly accessible on GitHub, but if for some reason you need to keep it private, you can create a private repo. You will need to give your instructor/facilitator access, so email this person to coordinate access.

Web Hosting

We recommend Netlify, Azure Static Apps or GitHub pages to host your projects. Please use GitHub to store your code; this makes deployment much easier as well.

Evaluation and Grading

A rubric will be used to evaluate this deliverable (see below). Your facilitator will look for certain aspects for evaluation but will also evaluate the project as a whole.

All work that students present must be original content. You may not “take” code from other web sites for which you did not author. This statement applies to extra credit work as well.