IT代写 | INF 60007 Assignment 3 IT Incident Management Process


INF 60007 Assignment 3 IT Incident Management Process

IT services permeate all aspects of an organisation’s services including the provision of customer services
and the running of the business itself. When these services are affected by failures and other occurrences, it
is vital that processes and systems are in place to ensure that the impact to the business is minimised.
In ITIL terminology, an ‘incident’ is defined as an unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in
the quality of an IT service or a failure of a configuration item that has not yet impacted an IT service (for
example a high temperature warning in a Data Centre).
The purpose of this assignment is to define the Incident Management process within Victorian
Superannuation Information Technology (IT) and to define the roles and responsibilities of key actors.

1) Process Diagram (not included in the word count)
This assignment requires you to read the given Incident Management Procedures. From these procedures
you are required to complete the partially completed swim lane process diagram.
Recommendation: Use the swim lane template (.ppt) provided on the third assignment page. This template
includes the partially completed swim lane diagram – it will save you recreating the model.
2) Description of Incident Management Roles and Responsibilities (750 words)
You are also required to derive a description of the roles and responsibilities for the following actors:
• End User,
• First Line Analyst,
• Incident Manager, and
• Incident Response team.
This represents the written part of the assignment. You have up to 1000 words to complete this part of the
3) Critical Reflection on the Incident Management Process (750 words)
Based on your reading of the Incident Management process model (swim lane), answer the following
question: What is the purpose of the Incident Management process and why do organizations need to have
a formal process for managing IT incidents?

Incident Management Procedures
As an integral part of the Incident Management process, the following procedures document the
steps that specify how to achieve each activity in the processes.
This section has been broken down to the following stages of the Incident Management process.
• Incident logging
• Investigate and diagnose
• Resolution and recovery
• Review & close
• Tracking & monitoring
The numbering of these procedures corresponds to that in the Process Diagram on the previous
Incident logging
IM.101a: Initiate Contact to First Line Analyst
This step is where the customer first initiates contact with the First Line Analyst (normally the IT
Service Desk)
The IT customers are defined in the IT Service Catalogue and the following table details methods
by which they can contact the Service Desk as well as other mechanisms for identifying incidents.
Interface Technology – Tools
Phone Technology
• IVR Interactive Voice Response
• ACD Automatic Call distribution
Walk Up Some customers (particularly within IT) may be able visit the Service Desk
via walk up
Email Microsoft Outlook
Web Portal Self-Help via HEAT SRM
The Service Desk is the primary contact point for reporting all incidents and for logging service
requests. The contact details and business hours of the Service Desk are 8:00AM -5:30PM, after
hours 5:30PM-8:00AM Monday-Friday.



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