Java代写 | CSC 210 Assignments 21 Bags



Experience implementing generic collection class in two ways

Develop your own unit test suite as you experience Test Driven


Write the tests
Make sure the code compiles
Implement one or two methods and make sure the assertions

How to Begin

Download that contains an Eclipse project with six file
From Eclipse, select

File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

Click Next

Select the radio button for Select Archive file, browse to and click the Open button

Open the imported src folder to see six files, two of which have
compile time errors

Make ObjectArrayBag implement Bag and test it. Don’t
forget to grow the array when needed. No code coverage.

Make GenericArrayBag<E> implement GenericBag<E>
and test it. Don’t forget to grow the array when needed. No


Submit an archive file with with all files to the D2L
Assignment dropbox ‘Bags’.

With the Eclipse project name highlighted, select
File > Export > General > Archive File > Next
and then select the folder and name it with YOUR NAME, like

Grading Rubric


-2 Missing your name as a comment in ObjectArrayBag
-2 Missing your name as a comment in
-2 You did not format code (Source > Format)
-0, -1, -2. or -3: You did not use intention revealing identifiers in Subjective.


Correctness 40 pts
We will run our unit test with many @Test methods on your code.
-4 for any of our ten @Test methods that does not pass your
implementation. -40 max.
No Code Coverage this time


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