IT研究与专业技能代写 | COMPSCI5092 Research and Professional Skills


In the RPS Exam MCQ Quiz there will be 24 MCQ questions. Note that these questions are deliberately
more difficult than the simple ones used in the TOL Polls because each question will relate to more
than one aspect of a particular topic. Three examples are given below:

Q1: Qualitative data collection a) can be performed with a Likert scale b) produces data that can be
summarised c) produces data that is never objective

Q2: With respect to Data Protection a) sensitive personal data is important to everyone b) data
subjects can ask for a copy of the algorithm used for processing their personal data c) GRPR does not
care where the data subject lives

Q3: When running a human-based experiment a) the order of presentation of stimuli does not matter
b) collecting demographic information about our participants helps us take variability into account if
we need to c) a within-participants method provides more data than a between-participants method

In the RPS Unit on Arguments, the structure of an Argumentative Essay was presented as the
following steps:

1. What do I know about this particular topic?

• How is it defined? What terms or definitions do we need to be sure of to ensure there is no
• What has happened in this area, or is happening, or will happen?
• Who is involved or affected?
• Is there a broader context that needs to be considered?

2. What is the underlying ethical/ professional/ legal/ social/ political… issue?

3. What are the reasonable opinions for and against this issue?

4. For each opinion, what are the reasons for which someone might hold it? • (these might relate to
philosophical belief systems that people hold)

5. Which opinion do you hold? • Why do you hold this opinion? • Why do you not hold any of the
other opinions?


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