Perl代写 | UNIX Systems Programming Assignment



This assignment is an individual programming assignment using Perl. It addresses objectives 2 and 3 as listed in the Subject Outline document.

No limits apply to the number of lines of code of the program.

Assignments are to be completed individually (this might be checked with the use of anti- plagiarism tools such as Turnitin). You should not receive help in the preparation of this assignment, nor ask anyone else to prepare it on your behalf in any way.


The assignment corresponds to 30% of the total marks.


The completed assignment is due by 5:00pm of Friday 19 October 2018.


  1. The assignment has to be submitted electronically as a single ZIPPED file attached to an email to the Subject Co-ordinator, Massimo Piccardi ([email protected]).
  2. The email’s subject must be: 32547 – assignment submission – <yourStudentID>. Example: 32547 – assignment submission – 99887799.

Email without this subject or with a different subject may not be accepted as a valid submission. Submit the email from your UTS email account, otherwise the submission may get blocked or not be received.

  1. The filename    for    the    zipped    archive    attached    to    the    email must   be:


Example: Archives with a different filename may not be accepted as a valid submission.

  1. Late assignments will be deducted one mark per day late, more than seven days late the assignment will receive zero. Special consideration, for late submission, must be arranged in advance with the Subject Co-ordinator.
  2. If you would like a receipt, just please add a request for a Return Receipt to your email. No other types of receipts can be

If you do not follow the instructions above, your file may not be received or tracked correctly and thus may not be marked.

Academic Standards

The assignments in this Subject should be your own original work. Any code taken from a textbook, journal, the Internet or any other source should be acknowledged. For referencing, please use the standard referencing conventions (

The assignments will be marked within two weeks from the submission deadline. Important notes:

  •  Submission of this assignment is not compulsory to pass the subject; do not feel that you have to submit it “at all costs” and perhaps be tempted to seek unauthorised assistance.
  • There are no minimum requirements on the marks on this assignment to pass the

Title: Partition information with Perl

In this assignment, you will write a Perl program that reads from a file similar to the Unix’ file mtab (a file that contains information about the filesystem partitions). Your program will process options and print the requested output to the standard output.

These are the specifications for your Perl program:

  1. The file containing your program must be named pl
  1. It must be invoked as: option partition_file

The program must check that the partition_file argument is an existing and readable file. If not, it must print a message of your choice to the standard output and exit. The format for file partition_file and the values for the option argument are described below.

  1. File partition_file can have any arbitrary name. It must be a file of text with the following format:
    1. The file consists of an arbitrary, yet reasonable, number of lines (including, possibly, zero lines). Each line corresponds to a
    2. Each line must contain four fields separated by
    3. The four fields are: mount point, filesystem type, total space and used space.
    4. Field mount point is a Unix filename. Field filesystem type is a string of no more than 10 characters. Fields total space and used space are nonnegative integers represented as strings of no more than 10

The following example is the reference specification for the format of file partition_file:

/ ext3 10317828 4439828

/usr nfs 20635656 446188

/home ext3 2885780 2265324

/var ext4 2885780 1900002


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