Java代写|Individual Project Investigating and Critiquing Joda Time

本次澳洲cs代写是Systems, Networks and Concurrency的一个限时测试

1. [16 marks] General Concurrency

(a) [6 marks] Which of the following statements are correct? Tick all correct statements – marks will be subtracted for wrongly ticked statements, so do not just tick all of them.
If you find a statement to be incorrect, then provide a corrected version of that state-ment in the answer box underneath by replacing only the italics part of the statement.

All concurrent programming languages are capable of providing errors or warn-ings with respect to synchronization operations.

Message passing is an operation between an active entity (task) and a passive entity(for example a shared function).

Message passing is often considered a safer alternative to shared memory based communication forms as information is usually copied instead of shared.

Deadlock prevention limits the scope of problems which can be solved.

If all four necessary deadlock conditions are fulfilled, then a deadlock can possibly be avoided.

(b) [6 marks] How do the following hardware architecture concepts relate to concurrent programming (if at all)?

Pipelines, Vector processors, Hyper-threading,
Out of order execution, Multiple cores, Virtual memory

Give precise reasons for your answers.

(c) [4 marks] Name four concurrent programming language primitives (syntactical con-structs which are understood by the compiler) which can or will lead to concurrently executing code. Explain for all four primitives, why they (potentially) result in concur-rent code.

2. [16 marks] Synchronization and Communication

(a) [10 marks] Make a suggestion for a new, concurrent programming language (or an amendment to an existing programming language), which cannot express a potentially deadlocking program (while of course still providing the benefits of concurrent pro-gramming in general). Give precise reasons for your choices and why your choices will make it impossible to write a deadlocking program.

(b) [6 marks] Write a program in any programming language of your choice (including pseudo code) which implements a race condition. Yes, this is commonly considered a bad thing, so you are asked in this question to provide an example of bad program-ming.