Java代写 | 4CCS1PPA Programming Practice and Applications


4CCS1PPA Programming Practice and Applications
2 Challenge tasks
Once you have finished the core tasks, implement one or more extension tasks. You can either
choose from the following suggestions, or invent your own. You will be graded on a maximum of
four extensions.
• Add plants. Plants grow at a given rate, but they do not move. Some creatures eat plants.
They will die if they do not find their food plant.
• Add weather. Weather can change, and it influences the behaviour of some simulated aspects.
For example, grass may not grow without rain, or predators cannot see well in fog.
• Add disease. Some animals are occasionally infected. Infection can spread to other animals
when they meet.
If you invent your own extension tasks, check with your class supervisor before implementing
them. You can get their comments to ensure they your idea is not too simple or too difficult.
To get full marks on this assignment you must demonstrate exceptional technical aptitude with
the challenge tasks you implement.


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