Java代写 | CMPT 365 Project 2 Submission


CMPT 365 Project 2 Submission Guidelines

In this project, we have provided 3 sample input images:

parrots.tif, board.tif, lena.tif

Like Project 1, Project 2 also requires you to submit a pdf report, your code, and a demo video.

Besides, you need to upload all your generated images and intermediate compression results.

What to include in the report:

In general (0.5 mark):

The project environment. You need to specify any external libraries you use and state the

reasons about why you use these external libraries.

Lossless compression (8 mark):

1. Display the original image and the decompressed image from lossless compression.

Please clearly label all images, either as an original image, or a decompressed image.

2. You should perform lossless compression on all 3 provided sample images, and 1

additional images of your choice. The decompressed image should also be saved as TIFF

format. Therefore, you need to display at least (3+1)*2 = 8 images in total. (-0.5 mark

for each missing set of images).

3. Save compression result to a text file (-1 mark if no intermediate result is submitted).

4. [0.5 mark] Report the compression ratio, please show calculation steps.

5. [2 mark] Explain the key technique used to compress your images, please provide at

least one advantage for your chosen technique, and discuss at least one of its


6. [2 mark] Explain the key technique used to decompress your images.

7. [1 mark] Draw a simple diagram for the processing flow (like that for JPEG in the slides).


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