For the final project, you will have to make good use of your CMS using PHP and MySQL for the content delivery. You will have to be able to deliver the content via a browser on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices.
The project platform will consist of a virtual machine under Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, an Apache web server supported by MySQL and PHP, a Content Management System (CMS) – Drupal.
For this year, our project must be about running or managing the business or entertainment related to housing/property management, beauty or other health therapies or dating services. If you really need to have your project to be on a different scope, you need to consult your class instructor and get a written/email approval first.
Students are to first make a Project Proposal, decide for their website the purpose, rationale, (tentative) title, target users, personas, and functionality. This Project Proposal needs to be included in the final project report as an appendix.
Once a project proposal is done, students are to create a Design Document, decide on the storyboard, site layout and modules, features (such as interactivity, animations, videos, social web connectivity) where pertinent, database, and security consideration. This Design Document needs to be included in the final project report as another appendix.
The final Project Report must also be submitted online via the submission link on the unit website, or alternatively via this direct submission link. The project report should also contain, among all other relevant matters, the following aspects.
– About Us (or Who We Are) – your name/s and student number/s, and possibly your experience and interests in web.
– About This Site – the purpose of your site and the targeted segment of population.
7. Your site should support some form of user interactions (e.g. booking, ordering, forum, blogging, feedback etc) that is close to the site’s main purpose. A site whose support for the user interactions is not crucial may be considered as merely a superficial site.
8. Your website should behave reasonably consistent across the mainstream web browsers such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
9. Your site must be directly accessible via just “http://localhost” if it is accessed on your own virtual machine (therefore also accessible via http://wt19- where “xxxxxxxx” is to be replaced by your student number).
10. You are able to transport your whole site from one computer to another (fulfilled by the electronic submission of the site).
11. Your site is required to be of top quality. It will be judged on the look and feel, the achieved capacity, the design methodology (e.g. ad hoc versus systematic), and the use of advanced technologies (e.g. your own creation in terms of database, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, RSS/ XLST, session, etc). You should cite the design and technical evidence in your documentation on the quality of your site.
12. Change of the project in its main title and/or scope after the projec proposal is submitted is generally linked to some form of failure on the project design and management. Hence any change of the project must be approved by your class instructor, or an outright penalty of 20% may be automatically applied to this whole final project.

The Final Project will also be measured for a good proportion on the technical level and sophistication, including the in-depth use of Drupal. Using a “cookbook” scheme to just fill in the pages is considered the most basic, while creating your own supporting infrastructure (similar to those contributed to the Drupal community by the other developers) is considered the most advanced.
The Final Project must be implemented on the Virtual Machine supplied to the students. There may be an outright deduction of up to 50% of the marks if otherwise. For anyone who is having vpn troubles, my suggestions are as follows.
Install XAMPP on your laptop/desktop (with Windows 8 Server, or Windows 7 or 10)
Design and test your site on your laptop/desktop
Copy and deploy your site on your VM when you are at WSU
It is the students’ responsibility to make sure they are able to transport the project site on their laptop to the virtual machine. Hence it is recommended that students practise moving their site to the VM long before the project website is fully completed, unless students are building their website directly on the allocated VM.
Final report – due Fri Oct 25 2019 (week 14)
Submission: electronic online submission, plus two earlier additional documents below Project proposal – due Fri Sep 27 2019 (week 10)
Submission: submit an electronic copy for archiving
Design document – due Fri Oct 04 2019 (week 11)
Submission: submit an electronic copy for archiving
Final website – due Fri Oct 25 2019 (week 14)
Submission: the site must be kept on the allocated virtual Windows 2008 Server machine until the end of the examination period. The site may be marked at any time after the due date, and the site as it is at the marking time will be considered as the submitted site. Hence please do not temper the site after the submission deadline, so as to avoid being considered as a late submission.
After the due date – The student project websites may be locked up after the submission due date. For students who intend to submit late, student need to let the unit coordinator know beforehand so that proper arrangment could be made.
Class presentation – due during the normal class time of Week 14, 6-8 minutes:(approximately 2 minutes to set up, and 5 minutes on site live demonstration, 1 minute for questions) – the amount of time allocated to presentations is subject to changes by the class instructor.
It is each project group’s responsibility to test setting up their site on the tutor’s computer at the front long before the actual presentation. Not able to set up their project site for presentation in a timely manner, or not observing the allocated time duration, may be deemed as a flaw of the presentation itself.
Electronic submission – zip together the complete directory for your project site, along with the exported database in SQL, and a README file describing the name of the database, and the username/password for the database your site needs to make use of the admin username/password

for your site (optional) the username/password for a non-admin user. In other words, the zipped file should contain all information required to set up the site on a separate computer. 1 mark may be deducted if the submission is done via the rar compression. It’s each student’s responsibility to keep the submission receipt which will be automatically generated after each successful submission.


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