Java代写 | CSDS 293 Software Craftsmanship Programming Assignment 7



In this programming assignment, you will implement the pseudo-code for the painting arrangement.

First, make all the changes to your pseudo-code as per the review in your discussion section.

Second, read “Using git in CSDS 293” posted on canvas under Modules>git, and create the project repository on eecslab-18. You will need the public-private key pair that you created for a previous homework assignment.

Third, create a new repository “auction.git”. You should place all your homework artifacts in the auction.git repository.

Fourth, set up a development environment that mirrors the one on the server. This way, your compilation and testing will give predictable and consistent results both on your machine and on the server, as well as on the machine of your discussion leader. The server environment is described on Canvas in the git module under “Server Setup”.

Fifth, create an ant file to build and test your project. The testexample repository provides an example of a build file, which you can modify to match the structure of your project. Conversely,Eclipse build files are overly specific to your machine and should be avoided. Your ant build file should contain at least:

• A target called “build” that compiles your code
• A target called “test” to run the test cases.

Sixth, implement the algorithm according to the pseudo-code programming process. Follow your revised pseudo-code faithfully,even if you can think of additional improvements. You will probably need to implement some methods for error handling. However,since your code is primarily for hypothetical future use as a component in a larger project, your code should be consistent with the error handling approach in Programming Assignments 2-5. For the sole purpose of comparing with the previous assignment, leave all pseudo-code comments in your code.

Seventh, make sure that during development you make small regular commits. As you push your project, the git server will attempt to build toward the targets and will give you feedback on the outcome. You can then adjust your source code and build file to ensure proper compilation of your code. You are not allowed to commit and push standard libraries, such as hamcrest-core, or files that can be automatically generated (class, jar, html, and testing and coverage report). Make sure to use a .gitignore file, such as the one provided in testexample, that tells git to skip files that should not be tracked.

Finally, when you are finished with your homework tag your release and push that tag to your git repository on eecslab-18.

$ git tag -a pa7
$ git push –tags

Make sure to use the –tags option, otherwise tags will be omitted.
Your submitted code must compile, and your tests must run on the server. Consult the message produced by git push to ascertain whether your code is compiled and run on the server.


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